2011 Spring And Summer Asian Fashion Show Key Trends

1. The neon light Jil Sander neon light block combination, represents of the future development of minimalism appearance.
2. White will be still important in the 2011 spring summer fashion.
3. Short skirt will instead of the one piece dress.
4. Tribes, punk and feminine style appearance is the key elements.
5. The 1970s wind is back, especially embodied in outline and high waist bell bottoms.
6. The shirt and T-shirt is worth of investing in this season.
7. Flat is the new high heel.
8. Flowers printing changed to become fruit design printing.
9. Celine type minimalism brought by Phoebe Philo will have a far-reaching influence.
10. Bold accessories (detachable collar, jewelry and wide belt) ended 2011 spring summer minimalism appearance.

Comments about 2011 spring summer wholesale fashion clothing key trends

1.Conciseness is undoubtedly the 2011 spring summer keywords, but at the same time insisted the high quality and manual texture, such as Cline.
2.With neon light colored simple profile, loose line and lengthen short skirt seventies style is very important.
3.About style, this season emphasizes a female feminine appearance. Nostalgic style also has a strong impact, overall it began in the postwar years, but it was quickly transferred to the 1970s.
4.This season reduced the use of digital printing, manual feel printing becomes more and more important.
5.White becoming the key color, the earth tone such as bronze-colored, dark brown, chocolate brown, sepia and taupe will can be seen everywhere in this season.

For most Korean fashion buyers, they always have to differentiate between the art show and the commercial show. This season the most sense of art show is Balenciaga, Givenchy and Prada. They all broke through the fetter, putting their thoughts directly and reasonable into use of their garments. Prada is may the most avant-garde. In the clothing showroom I hear a girl said: “do we really want to wear these?” But in next season, she will really put on these. The most full of fun show of course is Dior. Most commercialized show is still Marant Isabel which makes you just want to put its every piece. Finally, Hermes brought the most fashionable chic works.

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