2013 Popular Hair Highlights

Hair colors and highlights can be applied to your hair if you feel bored with your old hair color and any experiment can be done by you because an eccentric style statement can be made for you especially if your skin tone and eyes can be complemented by your hair color and therefore, you should be careful in choosing the color as well. If you do not know what to do related to hair highlighting and what colors that should be tried by you, 2013 popular hair highlights can be looked for by you. There are some ideas shared below that can be checked out by you, then.

The first one of the 2013 popular hair highlights which is still highly recommended is blond especially if summer is coming because the trends for blonds will be double-processed blond and pale gold highlights and these are included in amazing hair highlight colors. That a platinum hue is high maintenance so you cannot do this at home and you must seek for the professional advice for this has already been suggested by Bogart. However, if the pale beige-gold highlights are chosen by you, the perfect look will definitely be given to you while the maintenance can also be lowered.

Natural blonds can also be chosen because these are also included in the 2013 popular hair highlights but a conditioner must be used before you go out in sun as stated by hair expert, Stuart Gavert. It is because your hair color and hair itself will be protected from sun’s UV by the sun screen in the conditioner and your hair will also be made shinier so the natural highlights can automatically be created. However, that blonds are perfect for your skin tone must also be made sure, but even if this is not suitable and you are confident enough, there is nothing wrong with this.

Alternatively, the brunettes are also included in the 2013 popular hair highlights and for summer, this can be alternative for blonds because the highlighted hair pieces can be owned by brunettes with dark hair around your face. If you want, blond highlighted hair strands can be added around your face and below your chin so the sun kissed surfer look can be achieved. Your complexion will also be accentuated by this look without making it dull if compared to the hair as stated by Erin Bogart.

Perhaps, you have over confidence so you will never be afraid of trying any colors for your hair highlighting, but when the color chosen by you can be complemented well with your skin tone, this will much be better as emphasized by the experts. Copper and gold highlights can always be tried by you who are blessed with dark skin tones so this can be tried now. Your eye color can also be flattered like if you have green eyes, both dark and lighter shades of colors and highlights can be used by you.

Now, what do you think about these 2013 popular hair highlights ideas? Are they helpful and inspiring enough for you? As long as you understand how to mix and match your skin and eye tones with the hair highlight colors, perfect look will always be yours.

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