3d Acrylic Nail Design

3d acrylic nails design it is no more just about coloring. But also about nail art make look fabulous. 3d acrylic nail design is an art to make your nail more unique. Expression your nail through design of nail art. There are many design of nail art you can choose for make your nail more beauty than previously. In applying the 3d nail art you can used your nail or you can used the false nail that you can buy in local store. Adding the false nail it gives your nail more

Nowadays, you can make your nail look beautiful, eye catching, and unique with 3d acrylic nail design. 3d acrylic nail made of plastic which is safe for your nail. In applying the 3d nail art you are have not long nail but with short nail you can apply these nail art. It is better if you have a long nail.

Type or design of nail you can choose such as

    1. White 3d floral. This is the simple design but your nail look beauty and eye catching. You are only used painted in black and pink.
    2. 3d nail art in black and white. These design only used painted in black and white. And also fully accessorized nail with 3d metal elements.
    3. Pre wedding photo shoot nails. You can choose this design when moment of wedding. Lovely pink floral nail with crystals accessories make your nail glamour looks.
  1. Japanese food 3d nail. This is a unique design because you can apply variety of food and color that you want. So it can make your nail more colorful.
  2. 3d ribbon gel nail. If you like a ribbon you can choose these designs. The color that use for 3d ribbon gel nail is white, silver and golden. Use this design to make elegant nails.

Here a few guide to applying the 3d nail art, use this article when you want to begin to apply 3d nail art onto your nail. If you want to know about them, so check this out J

How to applying the 3d acrylic nail?

    1. Before you begin to apply the 3d nail acrylic you should prepare the tools and supplies about them such as the false nail or additional nails, gel, brushes, acrylic bits or little plastic, glitters, nail files, and nail art pen. Make sure you have all of tools and supplies above before begin.
    2. The first step is rubbing your nail with nail files. Rub you nail until smooth and glossy. It useful for easier in applying the painted.
    3. Put you additional nail with glue and do the same thing with nail files. Choose the design that you want and then covering your nail with painted and make a design. Use the brushes nail for best result. Wait until dry.
  1. We are almost done. Put the gel into your nail and adding the glitters and acrylic bits or little plastic accordance with nail design. So it is done and your nail be unique and beauty.
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