80 s Hairstyles for Girls

If you are wondering about 80 s hairstyles for girls, it was involving volume and lots of it. Girls will be more admired if they have more volumes in their hair. Some of hairstyles in 1980s got the influence from the pop culture icons including Cyndi Lauper and also Madonna. If you are looking for the best hairstyles from 1980s trends, here are some recommendations.

The first option of 80 s hairstyles for girls is perms. Perm was very popular back in 1980. The main reason is because perms were the best way to add the volume which matched with the trend at that time. It was difficult to add the volume without any help from the salon’s assistance. Women’s hair was manipulated into tight spiral curls by using harsh chemicals. These harsh chemicals were strong to make the hair frizzier, dryer, and coarse. As the result, women could make backcombing easier. Perms were applied to any length of hair. Women who have shorter hair would prefer to leave the length at the top and made it perms and teased while keeping the rest area shorter. If you want to apply this hairstyle today, it is more beneficial for you since the chemicals which are used for perms are not as harsh as they used to be.

Another option of 80 s hairstyles for girls is crimping. If you are looking for information on popular hairstyles in 80s, you might see that crimping was popular hit during 1980s. In crimping the hair, women were using crimping iron with two metal plates which interlocked. For the crimping process, the hair was placed into the heated plates. As the result, the hair would have the small waves which are like the result of taking your hair out of small braids. After getting crimped, the hair would be gathered into a voluminous ponytail which was secured with hair scrunchies matching with the outfit. Women also teased the crimped ponytails so the ponytails would be large and frizzy.

PonytailsВ were very popular 80 s hairstyles for girls. Women are wearing ponytails to attract the attention. Ponytails in 80s hairstyles were not traditional type where those were centered in the back of the head. Women during 1980s were wearing ponytails in unusual places. One of the most popular was ponytail which was worn to either side of the head. It was placed right above the top of the ear or aligned right behind it. Women would tease and curl their ponytails to get maximum volume. If woman had shorter hair, they would gather the hair up before securing it with ponytail holder. Next, they teased and sprayed the ponytail so it would look like fountain. Women were wearing tight ponytail holder and matching scrunchie for making this ponytail.

You might also see that extreme bangs were highly popular among 80 s hairstyles for girls . During 1980s, girls spent much time to backcomb their bangs until the bangs reached as high as possible. Girls were using hot curling irons or hot rollers to curl hair off the forehead. After that, they would do round hairbrushing with blow dryer to tease the bangs until they were inches off the scalp. To secure the bangs, women were using hairspray products. Women applied these extreme bangs hairstyle with hair down or in a side ponytail.

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