Amazing False Eyelashes

Other than make up the face, eyelashes should be consideration for woman. With the enhance eyelashes make you so beautiful and gorgeous. You can apply the mascara to amazing eye. If you are not have good eyelashes, do not worry because, nowadays has available the false eyelashes that you can apply for entire eyelashes.

The false eyelashes useful for everyone who are do not have thick lashes. These ways helpful to make you lashes more thick. You can use the false eyelashes in various occasions.

In this case, we want to show you how to choose the false eyelashes and applying in your lashes. If you want to know more information, so check this out J

How to choose the false eyelashes?

When you choose the false eyelashes you should consider a few things below.

  1. Choose the false eyelash that is matches with your hair colored. This is most important things to consider creating a natural look. The black lashes are the most popular for choice. Black lashes work well for everyone without determine many things.
  2. And then, before selecting set false eyelashes you should check the length and width of false lashes. Choose the best quality type of false eyelash because it can make a good effect for eye.

How to apply the false eyelashes?

Here are a few step to begin the applying the false eyelashes.

    1. Prepare the tools and product needed such as the false eyelashes, eyelash glue, mascara, eyelashes curler, and old crappy tweezers. Make sure you have all that is needed.
    2. Before you begin applying the false eyelashes, the first you should applying makeup on your face. Eyelashes are the last step after makeup.
    3. Now it times to put the false eyelashes. Put a line of eyelash glue in your hand to dip the lashes in. avoid to directly put the eyelash glue on your lashes because it can make mess glue and of course not controlled. Dip one of false eyelashes into glue carefully. You can use the tweezers to dip in. if you more comfort with using your finger you can also use it to more control totally.
  1. Wait a few minutes until glue is tacky. And then, put the false eyelash with tweezers or fingers to press it firmly into place. If you have been applying the false eyelash, try to open and close your eyes during this process.
  2. We are almost done. Do the 1 until 4 steps for other eye. good luck J

Use the false eyelashes to make amazing eye and make your lashes more thick. Other than it, the false eyelashes also provide the eyes bigger than previously. In choosing and applying the false eyelashes, you can follow our tips as your references. Make sure you choose the best false eyelashes for your lashes.

This is article about amazing false eyelashes. This is not of the first article about it, if you want to know more you can find related article of our. Wait for the next article. Thank you J

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