Aventura Clothing

In finding green clothing brand, Aventura Clothing can be great option. Aventura Clothing is lifestyle apparel brand which is based in Sierra, Nevada. This company has the mission to design, make, and sell comfortable clothing with active focus. The company is family owned since 1965 creating supportive family culture where little details are cherished.

They have the mission to help the earth one garment at a time. The quality is supported by family owned legacy since 1965. Aventura Clothing has the passion to create fashionable clothing with low environmental impact. Their style is friendly towards environment. The company does not only have the mission to prevent synthetic fertilizers and farm chemicals from polluting the soil but also providing beautiful clothes. The idea began in 2001 when the president, John Kirsch, started the research on using organic and sustainable fibers to make their clothing. Today, the company has produced over 100 styles of sustainable clothing.

Their main goal is to demonstrate that using sustainable fabrics to make clothing does not mean that their outfits are ugly and uncomfortable. They are proud to say that their eco-friendly collection is cute and comfortable. You will not experience from itchy and frumpy feeling. The company is using sustainable fibers to decrease the impacts on the environment. They also work to create lighter eco-footprint. The main goal of Aventura Clothing is educating the employees and customers but also the community.

Aventura Clothing is working with cardboard and plastic bag recycling system. All of cardboard waste is reused to ship orders or broken down or recycled with a local company. The plastic garment bags and shrink wraps are reused in the future shipments. Commonly, the company is using newspaper as packing materials and packing peanuts or bubble wrap received from inbound shipments are saved and reused. The company even has some employees pitching in their recycling from home.

They also work with paper, plastic, tin, and aluminum recycling. The break room has Salvation Army bins which are used for plastic or tin, glass, and aluminum recycling. They also collect all bulk paper stock. It is then recycled. Special bins are available for the employees to bring batteries and CFL light bulbs. These will be disposed properly at local recycling centers.

Aventura Clothing is using marketing material. They have been repurposing some easel back materials purchased in 2005. There were many leftover which they hung on to them. They have replaced the flyer with the new one to send out to their sales reps and boutiques across the nation. The company recycles them into use to save production costs.

If you are looking for green fashion, Aventura Clothing should be included. The company offers many clothing options. You can find top and bottoms which are suitable with your need and preference. You do not need to worry about the reliability of the company. They have long history in green industry. You do not need to worry about green marketing. Aventura Clothing is highly recommended if you are planning to shop for green clothing.

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