Barcelona Night Life

In this city life is enjoyed to the fullest. It starts in the night with the laugh and giggle of the young people. Keeping aside age this modern part of town is flooded with lovers of designers, informal young people, formal people and traditional people. Placa de Catalunga is one place that is filled with beautiful terraces which are visited by tourist all the time.

Gracia is a very charming place and people are always concentrated in here. Places like Plaza Rius i Taulet and del Sol are very famous because everyone finds it appealing. Also they are famous for fashionable locals wearing latest designs and amazing terraces. The Festivals in August are worth seeing that takes place for one whole week. Gracia is supposed to have a perfect blend of music and bars that are opened in the night time except on Mondays. These bars are always filled in the night time with live music and performances that is the most appealing feature of Barcelona.

La Barceloneta is a historical place that was supposed to be the district of fishermen. Fishermen used to make their living by catching fish and this place has always been crowded. The increase in number of tourist due to the taste of fish that grew day by day at this place, the authorities understood the importance of this place. They developed the infrastructure and built modern buildings so that it would give businessmen related to fishing a better platform and chance to increase their business. Further, many restaurants started to work in this region with the developing of taste in the fish meals. Tourists from all over the country visit La Barceloeta, just to taste fish and enjoy their visit. Majority of the tourist constitutes the young ones. Now this harbor is filled with restaurants busy in attracting their customers with fish food.

Santalo – San Gervasi

The colors of night life start to get revealed with the entry that one makes in Santalo. Either it is a game or a drink, this place is always crowded. At the sidewalks musicians are always seen playing music and especially the bars and night clubs are worth sight seeing. Plaza Francesc is one place that must be visited in order to actually witness the true night life in
villas spain . The bars are always filled with youngsters drinking and having fun.

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