Beauty Schools in Washington State

If you are interested in cosmetology and want to run a business in this field then you better think smartly to build this dream. One step you need to do is to get proper training in cosmetology so you will be perfectly skilled in this field.

if you want to attend one, you can go to Washington State since this region is pretty popular in cosmetology colleges. There are a lot of trusted names of beauty schools in Washington State you can surely visit. Here, we are going to give several recommended names you can take for reference. Dig in!

Everett Community College

This is the first recommendation of beauty schools in Washington State you can take for more serious consideration. This Marysville campus provides a program of cosmetology field that will train the students in nail, skin and hair care. Only in 5 quarters period, the students are highly hoped to finish the courses in this cosmetology program. The common courses that will be given will be involving hair styling course, facial make up course, and also chemical handling course. This cosmetology college also offers financial aid program so if you have a big will and determination to join this academy but you do not have enough budget, you can get proper help in the matter.

Cosmetology Program in Paroba College

Near Everett campus, you can also find Paroba College that also offers cosmetology program you can attend. The offered courses are beyond common required cosmetology skills, including Japanese technique of hair relaxing, hair extensions, hair styling, and also hair coloring courses. They also has other beauty care courses, such as manicure and pedicure class, make up class and also beauty products knowledge, that will definitely make your cosmetology skills increase. This cosmetology program is nationally accredited so you will absolutely get the best assistance in this college. This college, similar to the previous beauty schools in Washington State, also offers financial aid as well so you do not have to worry about financial problem.

Lucas Marc Academy of Beauty

This beauty academy was actually well known as Clare’s Beauty College which has had experiences for more than thirty years. This beauty academy is located in Richland, Washington State, and is majoring in beauty training, in thirteen months program. The main training classes will be involving hair cutting course, hair coloring, hair styling course and also career preparation skill.

You can learn how to be a great hairstylist and open your own salon business in the future. However, this beauty academy has age limitation that will require the students to be at least seventeen year old. In addition, you must at least hold high school diploma so you can get accepted by this beauty academy.

Gene Juarez Academy

Gene Juarez Academy is also another option of beauty schools in Washington State that can give you professional cosmetology training. This beauty academy has two locations, South and North Seattle. The same as beauty program offered by Lucas Marc Academy of Beauty, Gene Juarez Academy also has a thirteen-month program to finish, split into 3 days classes in each week. You will get various cosmetology courses in this schools that will absolutely make you a professional.

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