Best Hair Dye for Brunettes

Many people think that only women with blond hair who can have fun and interesting hair styles and colors. Meanwhile, brunettes look dull and uninteresting. This is not necessarily true. Marie Robinson, a hair colorist who usually handles Anne Hathaway and Natalie Portman as her clients stated that brunettes are gaining popularity right now. For the people who have brunette hair, you should be ready. Based on Robinson, the current hair color is about enhancing the beauty of your brunette color but not in the extreme manner. In finding the best hair dye for brunettes, you might want to look at some styles which are used by some celebrities below.

Beachy brown can be the best hair dye for brunettes which you choose. This color is applied by Emma Watson with her short haircut. The brown color helps to make her face softer. In achieving this hair color, Emma Watson’s hair was dyed two or three shades lighter than the natural color before blended with highlights. If you want to get the best result, it is recommended for you to have it done by professional salon. The main reason is because Emma Watson’s hair is done perfectly so when the hair is growing, there will be no major demarcation or root lines seen on her hair. For women who have layered or wispy cut, you should prevent getting too light color or your hair will look thin or see through.

As another option of the best hair dye for brunettes, you should consider getting caramel brown. This hair color idea consists of many colors. However, the main emphasize is the golden highlights which are illuminating. You can see the example of this hair color in Jennifer Lopez. Her basic hair is brown and the hair dye will add shiny complexion. The lightest parts are toward the mid-lengths and the ends. If you want to get the color which resembles to Jennifer Lopez, you are recommended to ask for light brown base before adding highlights around the face out to the ends. It will get lighter gradually towards the tips of the layers.

If you are thinking about brunette hair, Angelina Jolie might appear in your mind. The color which is used by Angelina Jolie is honey brown. This blonde-brown color has the ability to warm up her complexion. However, this color might not be the best hair dye for brunettes who do not have anime lips and striking eyes. Robinson warns that fairer person without big features or does not wear a lot of makeup can get washed out by this highlight. In achieving this color, you should ask for gold and honey highlights which are blended over natural medium brown.

You might also cons >best hair dye for brunettes from the color recommendations above, you can consider other options including mahogany, medium ash brown, dark ash brown, smoky brown, or even black.

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