Best Semi Permanent Hair Color Brand

Semi permanent hair color is gaining more popularity lately. Many people are interested in this hair color due to its application results and safety. This hair color is much safer for people who have dry and damaged hair if it is compared to permanent hair dry. Another reason why it is liked by many people is because the result is like the natural hair. Many women prefer to use semi permanent hair to change their natural hair color. Semi permanent hair color is also used to get different colored hair before using permanent colors and to cover the gray hair. In choosing the best semi permanent hair color, you are recommended to get two tones lighter or darker than the original hair color. Match the hair color with your skin tones and eye colors. If you are looking for the best semi permanent hair color brand, here are some recommendations for you.

The first brand is L’Oreal. This brand is not only popular for hair color products but also shampoo and hair conditioner. It is known that L’Oreal is popular for manufacturing high quality products for their customers. There are many types of the semi permanent hair color which you can choose from L’Oreal. This brand offers various shades starting from conventional shades like brown or black to bright and bold shades like purple, gold, and red. The type of semi permanent hair color is L’Oreal Color Pulse. According to many people, L’Oreal is considered as the best semi permanent hair color brand. You do not need to worry about the safety of the products from L’Oreal because they are free from any harsh chemicals. Moreover, K’Oreal hair products are also gentle for your hair.

Another brand which can be the best semi permanent hair color brand is Clairol Perfect 10 Nice and Easy. This brand is popular. People especially love the brand since it produced gentle and effective hair dye. Some shade options which are popular are platinum blonde and chestnut brown. However, you can also find other shade options produced by the brand. This hair color dye can last for two to three months.

For people who are interested in unconventional color, Manic Panic is the best semi permanent hair color brand for you. There are many funky color options such as blue, green, purple, orange, and pink offered by Manic Panic. You do not need to worry about this semi permanent hair color option since it is made of vegetable based which is free from any chemical.

You can also consider getting John Frieda Precision Foam Color. It is the best semi permanent hair color brands color kit. The product comes in the foam form which helps you to apply every color from root to tip. You are also recommended to get conditioner along with this kit to help you to get extra silky effect. The hair color comes in various color and shade options.

If you are looking for the best semi permanent hair color brand for covering gray hair, Bigen Semi Permanent Hair color can be the best option. This hair color comes in many vibrant and natural shades. The hair color product is designed with non-drip formula which will make sure the coverage. The best thing about the hair color product is free from ammonia which can prevent your hair from any damage.

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