Black Skinny Jeans

Jeans is the wardrobe most used often for everyone. Jeans is the simple wardrobe but still look stylish and fashionable. Jeans still trendy for all the time. A Jeans also called denim.

They are typically with pocket, zipper and different cutting. For cutting, available in short cut, long cut and medium cut. For long jeans, one of the popular designs is skinny jeans.

A skinny jean is the popular jeans for everyone. Skinny jeans are very versatile for best work. Skinny jeans are suitable for formal or informal occasion. The color of skinny jeans is also available in variety color such as black, blue and the other.

How about clack skinny jeans? The worn black skinny jeans are the natural color. You can combination black skinny jeans with kind of skirt. A skinny jean is the best pants for men or women, because it fit their body shape.

The perfect black skinny jeans, you can combination with anything. So, a skinny jean is very versatile. For women who wear these jeans, they will look sexier because follow the body shapes and fit with body. You can wear the worn skinny jeans for different occasion.

You can add some accessories such as belt waist, long necklace and many other accessories to look stylish. Maybe we can give you recommended about top brand such as Levis, James jeans, current Elliot, and diesel.

Below this is the type of jeans for women and men’s with feature of them. Check this out

Women black skinny jeans

  1. 1.В В В В В ВJ brand

J brand is the one of the top brand for black skinny jeans. The design with 2 pocket front and 2 pocket back. They are made from 98% cotton and 2% polyester.

  1. 2.В В В В В ВLevis

Choose the black skinny jeans from Levis for perfect look. They are made from 77% cotton, 22% polyester, and 1% imported.

Grupee ladies skinny jeans is one example type of black skinny jeans. With a gentle stretch that really complement your shape. These jeans made from cotton fabrics.

Men black skinny jeans

Other for women jeans, Levis also available for men jeans. the description of these jeans is sits below waist with 2 pocket front and 2 pocket back. This jeans made from 99% cotton and 1% elastane.

One of type jeans is criminal damage men’s skinny fit stretch jeans. The design with 5 pocket skinny fit jeans and made from 96% cotton and 4% elastane fabric composition.

If you want to know about design of these jeans, you can search and find the design that you mean. From all of these jeans above is the top brand for skinny jeans. for all brand is look gorgeous for you.

In washing the jeans you should consider about a few things. Wash the jeans with the right ways. Keep your jeans for long lasting. For a few guide of treatment jeans you can search our related article. In there, you can read more about washing the jeans for long lasting. J

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