Blonde Highlights in Brunette Hair

Today, we will talk about blonde highlights in brunette hair since this has been one of the most happening topics these days. We all know that brunette is one of the most amazing dark hair colors that have a lot of admirers. Can we combine it with the bold and bright blonde highlights? Read further to find the answer.

Strawberry Blonde Highlight for Brunette Hair

Strawberry blonde highlight is definitely a great choice if you want to create chic and sexy look to your hair. This type of blonde highlights will definitely work perfectly in harmony with your dark brunette hair. Strawberry blonde highlight is actually a combination of blonde color shade with red and pink hair color shade. The addition of red and pink shade to the blonde highlights will definitely be able to add sexy and braver atmosphere to your overall appearance.

Strawberry blonde highlight can give you attractive hair look with just several thin layers of highlights. You can dye three or two strands of highlights in strawberry blonde on the top of your hair layer or bottom layer. If you want to create this type of look then you better consider adding the strawberry blonde highlights.

Medium Blonde Highlight for Brunette Hair

Medium blonde highlights in brunette hairwill be another option you can also do in case you do not like to get attention in public. If you want a subtle look blonde highlight then this medium shade of blonde hair color level is absolutely be a great option. Medium blonde shade has golden and brownish shades n it, therefore, it will not make a too bright highlight for your brunette hair. Instead, it will make a great addition to enhance the shine and glow of your dark hair. For this type of blonde highlights, you can make as much as thin highlights as you like, however, you need to still focus on the brunette hair color as well. Do not create too much highlights that can overwhelm your primary hair color.

Light Blonde Highlight for Brunette Hair

The last option of blonde highlights you can do to your brunette hair is the lightest shade of blonde highlights. This type of highlight will be more eye catching and also bright. The white and shiny shade of light blonde highlight will add wild and bold mood to your hair. this type of combination is very popular amongst the people who love attention so much and do not afraid of getting hundreds pairs of eyes staring at them.

Before you choose one of those blonde highlights in brunette hair we have discussed above, it will be better if you also take several considerations as well. First of all, you need to see what type of skin tone you have since there are some blonde highlights that are not meant to match certain skin tones. Secondly, you need to also consider the type of your hair whether it is straight, wavy or curly, to get the right highlight layers you need to add.

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