Brown Hair with Blonde Highlight

Brown hair is only having for several people. Sometime they feel bored with brown hair look. So, they make their brown hair with blonde highlight. Brown hair claimed that very susceptible with dullness. The dullness of your brown hair would be make one dimensional look. It does not look rich as you want. As you know, that brown hair has a high maintenance than other hair type of color. You should choose shampoo that does not contain with sodium lauryl sulfate. It can cause a strip hair of color. Protect your brown hair with scarf or hat to avoid your hair from sunlight. You can make your brown hair getting shinier than before. You can try glossing treatment.

As brown hair with blonde highlight you have to do an extra treatment. Use an UV protection for protection of sunlight. If you often to be exposed with UV sunlight, it can cause a damage and pale your color. Using shampoo and quality conditioner can help you to make your brown hair getting shimmer. Its treatment can create a warm light reflection of your beautiful hair. Brown hair could lose the radiance. It cause of a wrong highlight. So, you have to choose highlight that does not contain with tinting crГЁme. For build up the substance of your strand, you can use natural oil such as olives, apricot or hazelnut. It is a perfect way for brunette’s type hair because it could make long lasting shine.

Brown hair with blonde highlight can be look stunning year after year. It can give you a shape and nice texture for your hairstyle. But, it can be risk applied blonde highlight. It is easy to be fade if you never do some treatment. So, you need special treatment to avoid your brown hair from brassy shade of orange or getting green. You would be better to use a color protecting shampoo. You may look fresh and vibrant because your highlight keeps shine. Perhaps, some people like to use clarifying shampoo. It is can be bad for your blonde highlight. If you use that product gradually, it can cause damage and fading color to your highlight. But, if your hair exposed with chlorinated pool or chemical water, you can used clarifying shampoo.

Avoid a frizzy and brassy hair look by using deep conditioner. Perhaps, your hair will get hydrated, so, it needs some nutrition that can make moisture for them. If you are a person who loves to be swim or other outdoor activities, you have to reduce it. That’s some way to prevent your blonde highlight from fading. When you decide to choose a conditioner for your brown hair with blonde highlight, you should be attention. Because there is many type and brand of conditioner but never know which one those give a better result. Know the type of your hair.

If you have a frizzy or dry hair, you should use a rich moisturizing conditioner. Usually, some conditioner will labeled with dry and damage hair. If you have limp hair, you should use a volumizing moisturizing conditioner. By using the right conditioner, you can have a smooth and fine brown hair with blonde highlight. В

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