Casual Clothes

Informal clothe or also usually called as casual clothe is definitely the best choice of clothes that can perfectly suit most of occasions may occur. For example, a casual clothe is usually worn for events with friends, such as a simple hangout on weekends. People usually wear casual dress for a movie dating with their spouse or date in an amusement park. On the other hand, casual wear is also able to be used for casual business wear as well. Do you want to know about casual clothes more? You can read this post further since today we are going to talk about casual wears, the colors, the ideas for several occasions as well as some facts about the topic.

Color Choice

There are some people who said that there is no relation between colors and casual sense. This is definitely a wrong statement. In fact, there is a strong relation between color choice and casual sense. According to Sue Fox, colors can also show our etiquettes in certain environment. It is stated that dark color choices are perfect for formal environment since they convey authority. Meanwhile, friendliness can be conveyed by bright colors. Therefore, business attires and wears are usually dark in colors or have earthy tones meanwhile there are colorful choices for casual wears. Fox also said that navy or black are more formal compared to khaki or taupe. As we can conclude, if you want to dress casually then you need to choose bright colors.

Among Friends

As it has been mentioned previously, casual clothes are usually worn for spending times with friends or close people in our lives. So, what casual clothe should you wear for hanging out with your friends? In this kind of scenario, there are broader choices of casual outfits you can surely wear. For example, khakis and T shirt can be a great choice for men. Meanwhile, women can pair their jeans with plain shirt or casual dress. as for the footwear, sandals or flip flops are safe to wear in this kind of occasions. Another point you need to also understand whenever you want to determine what type of casual outfits you want to wear for certain events is that you need to be comfortable in wearing the outfit. Remember that your outfit will also reflect your personality so make sure that you consider it whole heartedly.

Casual Office

As >casual clothes at work. for women, do not wear plain shirt with jeans and sandals at work, instead, dressy ones paired up with flat shoes will definitely suit better. It is okay to wear jeans but make sure to leave the casual T shirt at home. For men, they can wear jeans with polo shirt paired up with sneakers so they can still look decent for office environment.

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