Casual Male Fashion Men

The recommended items of casual male fashion men are probably not as great as women’s. Men usually have limited choice of colors and also models that can perfectly suit their body and nature, however, it does not mean that they should dress whatever that can fit the size of their body. This time we are going to give you some tips of men’s casual fashion that can guide you in dressing up perfectly for casual occasions.

Casual Tops

We are going to talk about the tops that are categorized under the casual fashion first. People said that T shirt is definitely the best friend of mostly men in this universe. T shirt can be a great choice for everyday casual outfit or simple hanging out with your friends on weekends. In picking out the shirt, especially the short sleeved ones, remember to choose those whose sleeves hit the middle of your upper arms. In addition, make sure to choose the right size that fit your body perfectly, not too tight and not too loose. On the other hand, if you want to wear casual outfit for business or office environment then T shirt is definitely a big NO for you. Instead, you can choose polo shirt or button down shirt. They will make you look casual yet no less professional and classy. It will be much better to get a tailored button down shirt so the size will perfectly fit your body.

Casual Bottoms

When it comes to casual male fashion men bottoms, people will immediately think about jeans. Indeed, jeans are the icon of casual fashion. However, there is a clear rule you need to know about casual bottoms. The first rule is the length of the cuffs of your bottoms. For trousers or jeans, the recommended cuffs length is above the top of your foot. They should be able to cover your socks and ankle when you are standing. However, make sure that the cuffs are not too long so you will appear shorter than you really are. The second rule is the waistband of the trousers or jeans you need to choose. Make sure to choose those with waistband that is not too high. The recommended model is trousers or jeans with waistband that exactly sits below the waist. Therefore, it will be so much better to get your bottoms tailored to suit your body perfectly. If you want to dress for hot sunny days, shorts like cargo shorts will definitely be a great option. Make sure that the length of the shorts is not too short since it will appear more feminine. Instead, choose shorts whose length is just above your knees or in the middle of your knees.


The last item of casual male fashion men that will complete this discussion is about casual footwear. Casual does not always mean you have to wear cheap flipflops or sandals. There are other alternate choices that are more fashionable, such as sneakers, loafers, or fashionable flipflops. Remember not to wear bulky shoes if you are short since they can make you look even shorter.

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