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Business in fashion seems to be a potential business for so many people, not excluding the celebrities themselves. Even famous and rich Hollywood celebrities see the gold opportunity in clothing business. There are a lot of popular names you probably do not know behind several clothing lines or brands in the market. People think that it will be much easier for celebrities to sell their own clothing line. In fact, there are a lot of famous people who failed in this business, you can take a look at Kanye West, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez, and Sarah Jessica Parker. Do you want to know the celebrities who have been very successful in running their celebrity clothing fashion line? Here we have listed several names of Hollywood celebrities who have the most successful and top selling clothing brand in the world. Check it out!

Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen

These twin celebrities are very popular for their ecstatic and powerful acting. Behind their amazing acting skills, they also possess many other talents, such as singing and also being an entrepreneur. So far, they have opened three names of clothing line. The first clothing line is named The Row, a clothing line that is specially targeted towards high end society. The second clothing line is designed for mid market industry, named Elizabeth and James. The last clothing line is named Olsenboye, which is specifically targeted as kids fashion line. According to their annual sales report, they are able to exceed up to one billon dollars sales a year. Really, an amazing pair of twins!

Kimora Lee Simmons

Another top selling line of celebrity clothing fashion is run by Kimora Lee Simmons. Kimora and her ex husband, Russell Simmons, actually founded a clothing line named Baby Phat that became popular those days. Unfortunately, she decided to step down from the clothing line after the divorce. Afterwards, she opened her own clothing line named Fabulosity, Kouture by Kimora, and KLS. All of these three clothing line are amazingly famous and highly demanded. She is able to get up to eight hundred million dollars a year from her clothing lines, definitely more than what she could get from Baby Phat.

Jessica Simpson and Jay Z

The next position of the best fashion sellers in celebrity world is possessed by two amazing singers, Jessica Simpson and Jay Z. The Jessica Simpson Collection has really made her name famous in clothing industry as well.

It is reported that the retail sales of her products in 2010, including clothing, shoes, and handbags, exceeded seven hundred and fifty million dollars. On the other hand, Jay Z is also not much different. He is able to get seven hundred million dollars income per year from his celebrity clothing fashion shop. His clothing line, Rocawear, was started in 1999 by displaying the fashion style of Jay Z himself. Since there were so many people interested in his clothing line, Jay Z decided to make it bigger. Now you can find various items in his shop, including footwear, eyewear, jewelry, belts, hats, handbags and clothing.

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