Celebrity Fashion Trend Watch 2014

People often forget the importance of essential accessories that can significantly enhance their look. There are actually a lot of accessories that can make you look more fashionable and trendy, one of them is wrist watch. You can take a look at most of the celebrities in this world. Whenever and wherever they go they do not forget to wear their prestigious wrist watch. This shows how much wrist watch can really make their appearance more powerful. If you want to follow celebrity fashion trend watch then you can read this passage further. In this post we will show you what kinds of wrist watch that are usually sported by Hollywood celebrities.

Zac Efron

Who does not know the handsome Zac Efron? This charming Hollywood actor really has a great taste in choosing quality wrist watch. His favorite brand for wrist watch goes to the legendary brand, Cartier, which is actually not only famous in manufacturing wrist watches only but also jewelry as well. An edition of fabulous Calibre de Cartier Automatic is sported by this teen heart throb. Svende Andersen, is an independent watch maker who designed this exclusive wrist watch. Cartier has made the design at seven grand and in stainless steel, makes the watch valuable and exclusive.

Hugh Jackman

Another celebrity fashion trend watch you can consider is a wrist watch sported by Hugh Jackman. This Broadway performer and Wolverine really has a good taste in fashion trend watch. He chose an exclusive wrist watch Girard Perregaux Vintage XXL at more than twenty grand. This luxurious wrist watch is manufactured in white gold with black leather band, makes it look casual yet luxurious. The price for an edition of this Girard Perregaux Vintage XXL is said to almost up to a day’s pay of this Australian movie star.

Cameron Diaz

After we discussed about the celebrity fashion watches for male, now we are going to the female section. In female line, one celebrity who is famous in prestigious watch fashion trends is Cameron Diaz. This Hollywood sweetheart certainly has sharp eyes in fashion. As one of the spokeswomen for the faous Tag Heuer, she sports an exclusive wrist watch manufactured by the company, named Lady Tag Two Line. The price is only around two thousand and five hundred dollars, cheaper compared to the previous watch editions of the male celebrities above.

Sofia Vergara

The wife of Jay Pritchett, Sofia Vergara, is another person who is also included in the celebrity fashion trend watch list. She is often seen on various shows, such as Modern Family, a hit show of ABC channel. She sports an exclusive edition of another legendary manufactured of watches, Rolex. Her choice fell onto a bling’d Rolex Daytona. It is said that the wrist watch is made from gold at more than 45 grand. This prestigious wrist watch really suits her personality very well since she always appears classy, luxurious and fashionable. If you want to sport the same wrist watch then you need to prepare a good budget since the price is definitely higher than Diaz’s Tag Heuer.

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