Cheap Organic Food ? Local Farmers Markets

Many people shy away from buying organic fruits and vegetables because they tend to be priced very high, compared to what average consumers can afford? The super high price of organics works like a barrier keeping less financially well-off people from purchasing organic. It would be wonderful to afford buying organically grown food. If there are ways of making organic produce cheaper, I’m convinced most people would really like to know about it.

The method of organic food production involves growing food without the use of harmful, toxic chemicals and fertilizers. It is a way of farming that allows produce to grow naturally. Commercial agricultural operations in the US spray billions of pounds of pesticides on crops each and every year, to make up for toxic farming methods. And unfortunately, those harmful chemicals eventually become in our domestic supply of food.

Not only does commercial farming practices contaminate, commercially grown produce has much less nutritional value, as opposed to organically grown produce. Studies show that commercial produce has 83% less nutritional than that of organically grown produce. Organic crops have more nutritional vitamins, than conventionally grown produce, as well as fewer toxins.

Here are some things you can do to make buying organic, fit into a frugal budget. First of all:

Stop buying foods that are low in nutritional value. Eliminating protein shakes, processed foods, even health bars, which are actually fairly pricey, will you will save hundreds of dollars. This will increase your budget for buying organic. Have you noticed the price of sugar cereals, packaged pastries, cookies, cakes, as well as frozen pizzas and TV dinners? When you start tallying up the prices you pay for processed foods, you will see that it starts to add up to a lot of money. Wouldn’t that much money be better spent on enough nutritious organic food that could last you the whole week?

Instead of eating large portions at meal time, eat more sensible amounts. In this way, you will bring down the cost of organic eating to fit within your budget. Most people would benefit by finding out how much they should be eating, and using that as a major guideline to the size of their meals. This is another way to help you spend less.

These days, in many communities, local farmers markets are springing up. You’ll find the prices a lot better and you can enjoy eating fresh fruits and vegetables in season. Obviously some fruits and vegetables will be more expensive. But in that case, just choose something different. There are usually good deals on bananas, strawberries, and oranges. Seek variety in choosing your fruits and vegetables, giving maximum nutritional benefits.

When shopping for organic fruits and vegetables, be selective. Choose foods that have the highest nutritional levels, and is free of pesticides and toxins.

It would be a worthy goal to transform your kitchen into an organic kitchen. That means that everything is arranged to promote and facilitate an organic food eating lifestyle. It may seem overwhelming at first. But if you relax and take it slowly, eventually you will successfully make the transition.

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