Cheetah Nail Designs

To be a fashionable girl or woman does not always mean you can only focus on what the outfits you wear and how you can always be up to date whenever it comes to new fashions coming out because you can also look pretty and fashionable with nail designs and are you interested in cheetah nail designs though? Painting nails especially with unique and non-cute designs may be more fun for some of you but it is too hard not to get bored with standard nail polish, but everything is shared here so whenever you want to start nail painting, these tips can help you a lot. Practicing is one of the keys so these steps can be tried now.

Are you ready? To create the best cheetah nail designs on your nails, the base coat must be applied because this is very important to be started with so your manicure can be made last longer and the stains can also be prevented from occurring. It can also be noted that a base coat that your nails can be conditioned and strengthened at the same time must be the one that should be looked for and bought by you.

After getting the base coat and applying this, the nails can be started to be painted and one color can be chosen so all of your fingernails can be painted like neon pink that can be used for the base or other colors can also be trued or they can also be left clear. Next for creating the cheetah nail designs is the dots need to be applied and your nail polish brush can be used here so small dots can be applied in random areas on your fingernails. You know, it should not need to be perfect though.

The color for cheetah nail designs chosen by you can contrast with your bottom coat like gold colors. If this is finished, the shading can be applied and a small paint brush can be used so the shading effect can be created for your cheetah spot manicure. A striping nail polish or a nail polish pen can also be made as an alternative before each spot can be outlined in two areas with your tool of choice but your lines must never be connected because the cheetah or even leopard spot effect can be given to your nails and the blacks can be chosen for shading but this is optional.

Now, your cheetah nail designs can ready to be sealed in with a top coat and you have done. For additional information, a fast-drying nail spray or a blow dryer can also be prepared and used by you so the process of nails painting can be sped up. If a blow dryer is used by you, that it will not be brought too close to your nails must be made sure because the nail polish can be melted and distorted.

After looking at those important tips and points, what do you think about creating the cheetah nail designs by yourself? These are not difficult because you can just follow them and this can be done based on your art sense or creativity. Good luck for trying and have the prettiest cheetah nails design !

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