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Perhaps having a dark hair for your entire life is feeling bored. Some of you do every way to change your look. You change your hairstyle or coloring your hair. Red color is unique choice. Even though some people feel doubt to coloring their color becomes red. The other hand, red hair color for dark hair can show a sexy appeal and conservative look for women. Red hair will make you brighter, younger, wilder and super fun. Red hair can add the deep and richness of your hair color.

Follow some step to coloring you dark hair into red. You can use a tinting application to your hair. so you are not to be worry again about the grow of your root hair. Because it could be damage for your new hair later, you should through a bleach step. This step is like removing your origin hair color. It is the way which brings a dark hair going to bright copper color hair. В By doing bleach step, your dark pigment will remove and added with red pigment. В If you are not use a bleach application, your red pigment would be absorbed and it can affect for pale color.

Every red pigment has a differences, you should discuss with your professional hairdo or hair stylist for the perfect result. If you have light skin tone with green or blue eyes, red will be perfect for you. Rust-colored hair will be look harmonious by brunettes who have brown eyes. If you decide to color red hair color for dark hair at home, make sure that your attire also safe from hair color. To minimize apply color on your attire. You can wear a dark t-shirt. Use a towel to avoid absorption of hair color.

After you have red hair color for dark hair, you have to take the time to treatment your hair. Ideally, you should wash your hair in twice a week. It is not good if you wash your hair every day. It could be making your hair ruin. You should to avoid some harsh shampoo. Some of them were identified as dandruff treatment. It is a bad because it is very tough for colored hair. Do not forget to cover up your hair. Us any cover such as hat or cap to protect your colored hair from UV light. You should use an UV filter that contain in some hair product.

Some opinion said that red hair color for dark hair is low long lasting, it can more be fade. So, you need conditioner you help your colored hair keep soft. It can also lock your hair color. So it can help you to make it longer lasting color. In some cases, hair colored can be rubbed off easily. It can see on your bed linen or any fabric that contact with your hair directly. Another tips for your linen, you can use bleach to remove your hair color that rub off on it. After that you can wash it neatly. It is also safe for your skin.

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Fashion Trends related to Choose Red Hair Color for Dark Hair

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Everyone has a different type of hair color. Type of hair color is dividing in some variety such as brown, blonde, black, auburn and red. Hair color is effect of pigment of human. Pigment adjust your hair color that differentiate in two part are eumelanin and feomelanin. Melanin is producing a dark brown hair color. Sometimes, hair color was depending of human biological. Eumenanin produce a dark color for human. Tirosin that contained of eumenanin was effected .

Dark brown and even black hair with fair skin tones are really Asian people’s identity, but some Asians do not hesitate to change their hair colors with the light colors because as you have known that coloring hair is now a trend in Asia because of K-Pop influence. Korean idols have dyed their hair in many colors so often and they have also become inspirations for some teenagers and young adults in styling and coloring their hair. .

Do you know about Red Velvet Cake? This is a popular cake that has red color. The red color of a red velvet cake can achieve by adding some food coloring. The appearance of a slice red velvet cake is really charming. So, this is a reason to create a red velvet cupcake hair color. Red velvet cupcake hair color is the attractive hair coloring idea. For the examples, you can look at teen actress Ariana Grande. .

Cutting your hair or changing your hairstyle or coloring your hair is always the best way to freshen your look and your appearance will be different from the way you look previously, but you should remember that the great result will be achieved if you can match the hair color with your skin tones. Although many people do not really care about if the hair color can suit their skin tones, you can still consider this point .

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