Choose the Summer Makeup for Yellow Skin

Makeup is like finery for face which is including from some color and accentuation. An Accentuation like eye makeup, check makeup, eyebrow and lips. Makeup has an important function to make look beauty, fresh, glamorous, amazing and exotic person.

Choosing the great makeup is good option you do not mistaken. Choose the makeup that is appropriate with your type of personality and of course appropriate with color skin.

But in choosing the makeup you should consider from color skin. In this world there are types of color skin and they all have different skin. In choosing the match color for makeup you no need to worry because you can get the easy color for skin especially if you have yellow skin.

Are you having a yellow skin? Girls, yellow skin not make worst situation. You do not hesitate when you begin make up. Because there are many color for your exotic skin. You can make up your face to look fascinate and gorgeous.

There are various makeup colors that you can use for yellow skin. If you difficult to find the best color for it, I want to show you what the makeup color for yellow skin. So check this below J

What the makeup color for yellow skin?

Makeup For skin

Of course, for yellow skin you can choose between pink, peach tones, bronzes tones, and coopers tones. Avoid using the green and yellow tones. Because both of colors will make the accentuate in your yellow skin.


In choosing the foundation you should to consider, choose the foundation which is have tone similarly with your skin. If you have a difficult time to choosing the foundation that matches with your skin, you can ask to shop assistant to help you finding it. The foundation that matches with skin yellow is rather than pink. This is the best option. Pink color give the impressed of balance out the yellow skin.

Eye sparkle

For yellow skin, choose eye color makeup eyeliner for grey, brown, black, purple, and dark green. For highlight choose the pale gold, yellow, pink, apricot, and ivory. And then for mascara you can choose black-brown and black. For eye shadow such as purple, brown, grey, dark blue and teal. Applying this color above to eye makeup and make you look gorgeous and elegant.


If you have been applying the makeup that matches with your yellow skin, now choose the best clothes for it. Adding the costume is good option to make look gorgeous and fascinate. For yellow skin, choose the gold’s, oranges, greens, yellows, and browns. Avoid using the pure white clothes or dresses because it not matches and make you not good.

This is the article about summer make up for yellow skin. Use this information as your references when you want to begin the make up for different occasion. Do not hesitate if you having a yellow skin make your skin become exotic and beauty look. J

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