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It is a beautiful gift God gives to you when you have a short and fat body type and never feel self conscious just because it is a bit difficult to find the suitable clothes for you to wear because there are various designs and sizes of women’s clothes you can choose from. Even if you have a short and fat body type, you can be like other women in ideal weight looking fashionable and stylish without having to worry about what other people see and judge about you. There are some ideas and tips related to the clothes for short fat women that can be figured out in the following.

Never feel self conscious just because you have a short and fat body because you can create an illusion by lengthening the look of your body visually so people can see you a bit slimmer and everything can be tricked so never worry about how you do look. Pantsuits or skirts and tops can be worn in the same color like a navy blue jacket combined with navy blue trousers or skirt and these will really be helpful for you to be seen by other people that you look taller. The trousers that are a bit long over 2-inch heels can also be considered to be worn.

The appearance of your legs can be lengthened by wearing the trousers mentioned previously but if you want to wear skirts or dresses, the neutral pumps or high heels like beige or taupe can be worn so the look of your legs can be lengthened. The shoulder pads are also good ideas to be worn in your sweaters and jackets so you can be given with the illusion of height and never forget to select skirts with slim lines and wear them at knee length or above so your legs can be made look longer. There are some more tricks about clothes for short fat women you should know.

As a short fat woman, you must have a thick waist and it means the belts, or short jackets must be avoided and you should never wear them. The clean, classic lines can be worn instead and if you like wearing belt, the one that is narrow and softly drapes around your waist can be chosen. The dresses or tops with the seam line just under the bust area can also be considered but too tight or too loose clothing must be avoided very well.

If you want to make your look slimmer or taller, wearing large, splashy or flowery prints are never suggested because your short body will definitely be overwhelmed and the extra pounds will be accentuated. Pinstriped items can also be chosen if you never want to wear solids all the time. Horizontal stripes clothes must also be avoided and never buy them because you can be made look rounder and shorter for sure.

Your stomach and hip area can be camouflages by wearing longer jackets if you still want to wear jackets. If you are interested in high-necked shirts, the ones that are not too fussy can be worn by you. Well, it is not that difficult to find the right clothes for short fat women , isn’t it?

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Fashion Trends related to Clothes for Short Fat Women Tips

Today’s fashion style is back to the past’s fashion trend and it is just like what people often assume and speculate because fashion style will always be like that and women are starting to be more interested in 50’s clothes for women again and there are some ideas that should be known and understood by you about this trend. Conservative may be the right word to symbolize the 50’s fashion clothes because they only show their skin .

Women sometimes feel difficult whenever they should look for the new clothes because they will always want to look good no matter what happens and because women always consider fashion as an important thing to make them look better since the good look they create can always leave a good impression to every person they meet. Do you also always think like this? There are some women who feel self conscious when it comes to the body .

Fashion is always related to how women dress up and what kind of outfits, jewelry, accessories, shoes and bags that they wear but when it comes to clothes, even if the clothes are really good and stylish, you cannot wear any outfits without concerning about your body shape. Each woman has different body type and if you have apple-shaped body, you should better know what kind of tops and bottoms that can be worn by you if .

You may be one of the women who feel difficult when searching for new clothes because your body type and shape is not that slim but be grateful always for what God has gifted you because everything related to fashion style and look can always be tricked. You should never feel self conscious about what you wear and how you do look because no matter what type of your body shape is, you can still find the .

As we all know that women cannot be separated from fashion because many of them are often fashionistas that will feel excited when there are updates for fashions and there are so many good name brands clothes for women that can be got and found by you but have you ever considered Blair women’s clothes? Fashion trends bring many good products, designs, styles and even colors to people and many women depend on them a lot to .

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