Comfortable Shoes

Sometimes, people are so focusing on choosing the right clothes they should wear in every occasion and forget to care about their footwear. On the other hand, some people pay too much attention to the appearance of their footwear only and forget about their own comfort in return.

They said that being beautiful is indeed painful so you have to be able to bear it. However, this is not what should happen actually. Indeed, physical appearance is important but there is also another thing that is no less important, that is your comfort and health.

There are a lot of comfortable shoes that are no less beautiful than painful and torturing shoes so why should you sacrifice your comfort?

Nowadays, you should be smarter in choosing anything, including choosing the footwear you will use for any kinds of occasions. Remember that stiletto can be a beautiful pair of footwear that can complete your appearance for a party but if it provides you no comfort then should you push yourself and insist in wearing it? in fact, wearing high heeled stiletto for a long time, especially if you are need to stand all along, will definitely not a healthy decision for your feet. You do not want to get unhealthy feet in return, don’t you? As an alternative, you can wear other types of shoes that will be very comfortable for you. Do not worry, these types of footwear will also make your feet look gorgeous and pretty for both formal and informal occasions.

The first recommendation of the most comfortable shoes is flat shoes. Flat shoes actually have no less beautiful design compared to stiletto, they have similar chic and feminine look. However, flat shoes do not have high heels to start with so it will definitely be very comfortable to wear, even though you are required to stand for hours or walk around. Flat shoes these days are designed in various style and models that can definitely make you go crazy for buying all of them. With various gems and beads they will definitely be a great choice to replace the torturing stiletto.

Aside from flat shoes, boots are also another great choice if you want to get comfortable footwear. There are a lot of people out there who are afraid of wearing boots. They said that boots are too much and too bolder for them. However, do you know that boots are actually able to show off the beauty of your legs instead? Definitely, if you are proud of your legs then you should wear a pair of boots to show your pride.

If you think that the two previous comfortable shoes are too informal to your requirement then you can also opt for wedges. This type of shoes is basically the same as stiletto but it has no pointy heels. In replacement, it has thick yet flat base that will enable you to stand strongly and will not let you feel tired of keeping the stability while you are standing or walking. Definitely, this type of shoes will be a perfect replacement for your stiletto.

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