Cornrow Styles for Women 2013

For most women, hairstyles are really important in supporting their performances and appearances because the beautiful and attractive hairstyles will also make them more confident so if you are one of the women who really concern with your performance, you should know what hairstyles that can really suit your style and personality. Today, what we are going to talk about is the cornrow hairstyle which is also included in a braid category that your hair will be laid flat against the scalp and you can style your hair straight back from the forehead to the nape as the basic cornrow hairstyle. However, there are so many ways in making this style, so check cornrow styles for women 2013 out.

Perhaps, you are already familiar with the basic cornrow style and this style is even often used by you, but for the cornrow styles for women 2013 meaning in this new year, the zigzags or geometric designs which are included in the cornrow designs can be tried by you for the innovation. Your cornrow can be started in the front and they can simply be swerved to one side as they go back to the nape so a not so bold design can be created by you. A fine tooth comb can be used to make the numerous detailed parts which are included in the basis of designs.

The other cornrow styles for women 2013 that can be tried by you here is like Alicia Keys’ cornrow up-do and for you who already work, you can use this kind of cornrow style and you can still use this as an evening hairstyle and the thin cornrows can be worn in the front in a crisscross pattern and the back of your hair can be pinned up into an intricate bun full of curls and braids. Alternatively, a wave pattern towards the back can be tried so a high up-do can be created. Your up-do cornrows can be tied up at night so they can be kept looking neat for the next day.

It is a common style of the cornrow hairstyle but it is still popular and it can also still be used and created by you as one of the top cornrow styles for women 2013, and we call this as cornrow ponytail that the cornrows can be braided in the direction of the ponytail. A single ponytail can be created in the back at ear level, you can braid the braids in the front back towards the crown and you can braid the nape up towards the crown. You can then secure the braids by using a ponytail holder and the multiple ponytails can be created the same way.

The other kind of the cornrows style that can simply be tried by you in 2013 is the half cornrows which are still popular in this year. A faux-hawk with cornrows on one side of your head can be created with the other side hung in waves. Alternatively, the front of your hair can be cornrowed to the crown and the back hair can be left hung straight or curly.

After taking a look at some cornrow styles for women 2013 ideas mentioned before, which one that wants to be tried by you? If you want to try but you have no idea, your hairstylist can be consulted. Have a good time in creating your own cornrows style.

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