Cornrows Style for Natural Hairs

Hair of some human has a different color and texture. There are people who have a natural hair. Actually, natural hair is referred to afro hairstyle. Usually, natural hair have curl pattern that grow from our scalp. Texture of natural hair will revert to the origin texture. You can make any style for your natural hair. Cornrows style for natural hair is can be unique choice for you.

Perhaps, it is look difficult to make cornrows. Do not be afraid to make a different look for your hairstyle. As a beginner you need some basic tools such as a metal rat tail, tooth comb, moisturize, spray bottle, beads or any hair accessories. You should follow some instruction before making cornrows style for natural hair.

В Step for Beginner

First, you should moisturize your hair. It can detangle your hair. After that, make a part of section of your hair. The best step is part it from ear to ear. After you make a part of your hair, make sure that every range of part has same width. You can just straight from your ear right and make a backwards moon. You have to do it if you want to cornrow all the way back. Then, tie of the hair off to the side of your hair. This step allows you to use metal rat tail comb. Section your hair vertically in a small amount of your hair. After make vertical section, you can split it into three section. After all of step, now, you can start to make cornrows style for natural hair by adding hair to the middle section of your hair. Use your thumb and point finger. Make a pinch off and add again to the middle of section. After that, you can cross the right piece of your hair to under the middle of hair section. Repeat that entire step continually until your hair tip. You can start doing cornrows by braid underhanded.

There are some important rules for you who want start make a cornrows style for natural hair. Make sure that you only pinch a small bound of your hair. It avoids your hair from big gap between ends of cornrows. For perfect result, you have to grab your hair as close as possible to the hair scalp. If you do it, it can minimize frizz. If your hold is not tight, it can cause flip and flop on your cornrows. Your cornrows also get a bad grip. Be gentle as possible. If you pull your hair too tight, it can cause bump on your hair scalp. You have to be steady, if not your braid does not be one direction.

It would be better if as beginner, you can start with damp hair. Do not over wet on your hair, because it will become slippery and difficult to shape. You do not be advice to make it with dry hair. it will getting stretching and tangled. Cornrows style can apply to the girls or adults. Men or women can make their own cornrows style for natural hair.

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