Custom ReeZigs

You might be familiar with Reebok. This is one of the most popular brands for shoes. Reebok offers the ability for customers to create their own custom shoes. This rule is applied to ZigTech shoes. ZigTech is a line of cross trainer sneakers from Reebok. The shoes are designed with some features including zig zag shaped sole. According to the manufacturer, the zig zag style delivers a wave of energy along the length of the shoe. This article offers information on custom ReeZigs .

ZigTech shoes are available in various different style and color combination. You are able to choose to customize how you want your sneakers to look like. You have the option to make customization on sole color to shoelace color. The custom reezigs are available for men’s women’s, and children’s designs. There are some steps which you should do when you are creating custom ReeZigs. The first thing to do is logging onto Reebok ZigTech customization homepage. You can use your web browser and find the website at Reebok. com/US/custom-shoes.

Next, you need to click on the type of ZigTech line which you are planning to customize. The website offers the customization option between men’s, women’s, and children. You need to choose the right ZigTech shoe type which you want to customize. It is done by clicking “Change Shoe Type”. To create custom ReeZigs, you need to click “Customize Now”. Do it when you have selected the shoe type you want. Choose the shoe size by clicking on the number which corresponds to it.

If you have done, you should click the “Main” tab to select the color used for the “Base”, “Eyestay”, “Side Logo”, “Underlay”, “Toe Cap”, and “Accent” to be. Every user is allowed to add custom stitching but you need to pay for additional fee. Click the sole tab to choose which colors you want on “Zig Tech”, “Transition Plate”, and “Accents”. The next thing to do in creating custom ReeZigs is clicking the “Top” tab to choose the colors for the “Tongue”, “Tongue Accent”, “Laces”, and “Collar Lining & Sockliner”.

Click the “Back” tab. With this step, you are able to choose which colors used for “Tongue Lining & Collar”, “Personalized Text”, and “Heel Tab”. You are free to choose what is written on the shoes. Double check the design. If you are certain with the design, you can click “Buy It Now”. This function will complete the order. It is necessary for you to double check the design. Make sure you are really happy with the design. All these steps are necessary when you want to create custom Reezigs.

It is a great step for you to find inspiration from other customers by browsing their design. Reebok allows customers to browse through the gallery of past designs which are created by other customers. You are recommended to determine your color options well. Great design comes from great color combination. They offer various colors such as Juicy Pink, News Flash Red, Chocolate, Steel, and much more. It is recommended for you to do the process in several times. Avo >custom ReeZigs .

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