Cute Hello Kitty Nail Designs

Being cute and fashionable can also be done by applying cute, pretty and fashionable nail designs like one of the most popular cartoon characters applied or painted on your nails and cute Hello Kitty nail designs can be tried to be browsed by you to get some ideas to be used by you. This is not only cute but it can also be applied simply to your nails and several Hello Kitty nail art designs can be achieved with acrylic, paint or nail decals. More than that, Hello Kitty nail designs cannot only be used by kids but adults can also try this.

The first one of the cute Hello Kitty nail designs can be got with nail decals and various nail decals can be purchased in beauty shops, salons or any store that the beauty supplies are usually carried. You can also apply simple Hello Kitty nail decal to a nail after the polish is applied or you can just apply this on your bare nail. The desired decal can be peeled off and pressed firmly on the nail before the edges can be smoothed out so there will be no bubbles under the decal which can be peeled off easily later and you can apply this to just one nail or all of them at the same time.

Acrylic can also be created for your cute Hello Kitty nail designs because this is often offered in several colors and you can even apply this in patterns on the nails so a unique styled look can be created. The white acrylic can be applied to a portion of the nail so the head can be created before the pink can be arranged at the top of the white area so the bow can be created. Now, a small dab of black can be added so the whiskers and eyes can be created.

A yellow acrylic dot can be placed in the center for a nose and when you are done in acrylic, this cannot be changed or smudges easily without the artificial nails are removed so your style can be stayed in place longer than decals or plain polish. To create the cute Hello Kitty nail designs as desired by you, the 3-D style Hello Kitty can also be made and acrylic or gel can be used on artificial nail tips and the colored acrylic can be dropped onto wax paper and the brush can be used so it is formed to the desired shape. The pink bow can just be created out of acrylic or the entire Hello Kitty itself.

The acrylic shapes can be allowed to be cured and hardened completely before applied to your natural nails and the nail glue can be used so the Hello Kitty 3-D designs can be applied onto the nails. A layer of clear top coat can be applied to the nails so the seal can be helped in the acrylic. The pinstripping paint can also be tried by you to make your Hello Kitty nail design cuter.

There are some best ways in creating cute Hello Kitty nail designs that can be tried by you but it must be kept in your mind that the acrylic one needs your commitment. Have a nice try at home! Enjoy your cute Hello Kitty nails then.

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