Dr Scholls Foot Center

You might have heard about Dr Scholls Footmapping center. This foot center has the function to help people to find the right insole for their arch type and foot pressure point. You can find this foot center at various retailers and use it no cost. There are more than 14 different insoles which are available to buy according to your need. According to podiatrist with Tanglewood Foot Specialists, Dr Scholls Foot Center provides static and weight bearing footprint and recommend packaged insole according to your size and general foot structure.

Footmapping scanner is working to take a static look at the footprint. The podiatrist gave the comment that the mechanics of the foot is not taken into account. He considers the AMFIT system which creates the custom insole from static weightbearing model of the foot to be a step up from Footmapping scanner and the Aetrex iStep. If you want to get your footmapping, you need to visit Dr Scholls Foot Center. You will be asked to stand on one foot while the scanner will map each foot individually. If the process is done, it will give recommendation for the best insole. Every individual can get different recommendation depending on their feet condition.

After knowing the result, you will be able to purchase the insole which is right for your feet condition. Some customers even made the decision to purchase the insole from Dr Scholls Foot Center. The price of their insole is approximately $49.96. Their insole provides better cushioning and arch support if you compare it with athletic shoes. The insoles in athletic shoes commonly do not have arch support and extra cushioning.

Dr Scholls provide insoles which are known as Custom Fit Orthotics. You should know first that insoles from Dr Scholls vary as to cushioning location and arch height in 14 different combinations. However, these insoles are not individualized custom orthotics which is built by prescription from podiatrist. The insoles from Dr Scholls Foot Center are much better and more supportive than their general off the shelf insoles. Even so, it is not much better if you compare it with custom device.

It is not as reliable as custom orthotic which is made of mold of the foot by podiatrist. There are many podiatrists who recommend their patients to try over-the-counter products before having them invested in custom functional orthotic device. The patients might need to spend $20 to $40 per pair. You are also recommended to go to the stores which provide assistance from trained staff. They can help you to choose the right type of insole for you.

You might cons >Dr Scholls Foot Center can help you to find the right insole for you. Visit their kiosk and you can get more information needed for your feet.

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