Dresses Pink

Why do we often see a woman dresses pink than any other colors dress? Basically, pink itself is a color that represents feminine and calmness, perfect for lady like figure. Therefore, there are a lot of women out there love pink color a lot. They will mostly pick anything in pink, be it accessories, shirt, skirt, or dress.

We all know dress and skirt, especially in pink colors, will definitely make the girls look feminine, calm and elegant as well. However, a pink dress will be more perfect if only you knew the right accessories and make up type that will complement your beautiful pink dress.

Your bunch of dresses pink will not be perfect without the right make up. We all know that make up also plays a crucial role in determining the overall result of our appearance. In order to complement your dress pink, you need to use make up type that can harmonize with the pink dress you will be wearing. You need to pay attention to your lips color choice, eyes shadow choice, blush on choice, eyeliner and also mascara as well.

Firstly, you need to pick out the color for your lips. It is suggested that you choose light shades pink color, such as beige or light pink, so it will make your lips look calm and elegant. Secondly, you need to also pick eyes shadow color that can perfectly match your lips color. Natural colors eyes shadow such as cinnamon, ivory, champagne and also gold can be a great decision to match with your calm dresses pinkcollections. Do not forget to also apply matching blush color for your cheeks to add romantic look. Champagne, pink and light bronze blush can be a good choice, depends your skin tone of course. In order complete the beauty, it will also be perfect to add mascara and eye liner so your eyes will shine more.

Not you have already got a perfect pink dress and make up, then what more you can add to complete the look? Definitely, you need a pair of shoes that can complement your overall appearance. The shoes choice will highly determine the type of look you will get later on, be it totally feminine, casual chic or elegant lady like look.

If you want to create a casual yet chic look then you can consider wearing a pair of black boots. Boots that fall above the knee or to the knee will definitely create a sexy yet casual mood to your overall appearance. On the other hand, if you want to have a more feminine look then you can opt for chic flat shoes or elegant high heeled shoes. Choose light and natural colors such as white or tan to support the feminine look.

There in one more addition to the dresses pink you need to also consider; accessories. Definitely, accessories can significantly enhance your appearance. You can use necklace, bracelet and also earrings that will support your feminine appearance. In addition, you can also get matching hair accessories to complete the final look. This will definitely be a great combination that will make you look perfectly pretty in your pink dress.

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