Easy Eye Make With 2 Tone Colors

Eye makeup is the hardest part than other parts. For other part like cheeks and nose you can easy applying makeup than eye makeup. When you want to begin the eye makeup, you should define whether natural or dramatic makeup.

There are many colors that you can choose for eye makeup. You can also add until 2 or 3 color shades for eye makeup. It is just depending on the color that you select are a personal choice. For 2 tone colors, we recommended you to use the dark color and light color shades. Choose the light color and dark color give the impressed of brighten up the eyes and dark color for depth and contrast. The light color shades that you can choose is beige, yellow, light brown. For dark color you can use black or dark brown color.

How to applying the eye makeup with 2 tone colors

To make your amazing eye you should have know some technique to make it all. In this case, we will explain about how to applying the eye makeup with 2 tone color. Hopefully this tips become your references and just information when you want to applying that. For more information, check tips below J J

    1. Prepare the makeup tools such as eye shadow, foundation or moisturizer, eyeliner, brush, tissue or cotton, and make sure you are in front of mirror. Because it can make the best result with great makeup.
    2. First step put the moisturizer or foundation around your eye. Use the index finger to rub the foundation. Applying up to entire eye.
    3. Applying the black eyeliner in top eyelids. Using the eyeliner make your eyes look sharp and glamorous.
    1. Then, applying the light color. If you choose the yellow shades, applying the yellow color or gold in top eyelids with a smooth base. For rub this shadow you can use the soft brush or s sponge tip application. Start from center and go toward the outer corner of eyebrow.
    1. We are almost done. Apply the second eye shadow with dark color. For yellow color or gold shade you can choose the black color shadow. This is a best choice because it can give your eye makeup look glamorous and exotic. Mixing both of these colors is the popular mixing for eye makeup. Applying the dark color in outer eyelids, use the soft brush. Before you applying the dark color, tap off any excess the dark makeup. Applying the dark color to the outer half of the eyelids.
  1. Sweep the dark color with light color with an eye shadow brush and blend two colors together. Use the mascara and lip-gloss to final touch.

You can this tip to make you look beauty and exotic. The tips above learn the easy ways to applying the eye makeup with 2 colors. You can apply these makeups for a day, office, or different occasion. Do not forget after you applying the makeup to remove before you sleep. Thank you J

Easy Eye Make With 2 Tone Colors Picture Gallery

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