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Fans of green fashion should visit Maggie s Organics. This is brand of clothing and toys which are made from certified organic cotton and wool fibers. They are operating with fair trade production and distribution methods. Maggie s Organics is considered notable for their involvement in organic and fair trade standards for apparel development. The history of Maggie s Organics was founded in 1992. It is one of the oldest surviving organic apparel company in the USA .

Some people think that Auburn brown hair color is same with red hair color. In fact, it is really different. The characteristic of auburn brown hair color is in the color tone of it. It is softer than red color and has less red in it. The auburn brown hair color also gives different effect result. It will make you look warm and soft. Actually, auburn hair color presents in many choices. For example, in the winter, .

Sustainable Clothing Companies: Providing Sustainable Clothes For Your Green Fashion Sustainable fashion has attracted many people in these past years. The awareness of this fashion was also marked by vegan designer Stella McCartney who had successfully won Britain’s Designer of the Year Award without using any leather material. This never happened before. Even many global brands such as Victoria’s Secret and Zara have pledged to detox their productions practices. It is also supported by H&M which has .

Some years ago, eco-friendly and fashion were not good combination. However, today, there are many designers who start to realize the impact of fashion to the environment. They begin to integrate a little consciousness into their collections. Even, some of them are very serious about their concern of environment so they focus to create the fashion which is eco-friendly starting from growing out the materials until it is delivered to the customers. The effort from these designers .

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