Elegant Ideas for Evening Dresses

Every woman looks good in a dress if she knows what kind looks good on her. This is a consideration of colour, length, the neckline, sleeves, straps (or lack of them), shape, and so on. In the case of Evening dresses from TFNC there is a place for every shape.

Floor Length Gowns

Many people will associate evening dresses with floor length gowns. They might even have the old-fashioned dinner or cocktail party in mind, or perhaps the Oscars. It is true that many evening dresses are long, but not necessarily gowns. There are maxi dresses that are long but straight. Some resemble Roman tunics. Others have very little shape to them. It is a woman’s arms and neck that define its shape, while accessories give the dress character. A long side slit also helps.

Then again, almost every girl wants a chance to wear a floor length gown at least once in her life, maybe more. She is looking for sequins or embroidered fabrics and she will find them. The array of fabrics and colours is endless. Designer gowns combine many layers, blend a print or embroidered fabric on top with a single-collared bottom, or pair a fitted top and a loosely cascading skirt.

There are dresses flowing from the top, almost hippie style, with gauzy fabric forming a kind of shawl which barely covers a tighter item inside. A wrap dress is ideal for someone with a lovely figure but a bit of a tummy to hide. She can still expose her legs, with a short triangle between the two edges of skirt exposing her knees.


If you can get away with a sleeveless dress, then now is your chance. Evening events are made for bare shoulders, especially since you can accessorize by placing a shawl around them when you feel a chill. Some women are too top heavy, or they could carry off the look if the waist did not end right below an ample bosom (which is not the best look for a busty lady anyway). In this case, compromise with a low to mid-length neckline ending at or above the cleavage. Sleeves or straps give the chest a bit of lift, which is also beneficial for someone with too little bosom. Certain straps are not so much practical as attention getting, such as the sort that wrap twice around the shoulder, once above, once below. Do not get any ideas about doing jumping jacks in a dress like this.

Set off the neck area with some sequins or embellishments. A woman’s neck is often a beautiful feature and, by highlighting this area, fuller-figured women take the emphasis away from their waistlines. Some sparkle or beading rarely goes amiss in this location.

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