Esther Williams Bathing Suits

When you hear about the Esther Williams bathing suits, your mind may be filled with the assumption that these are the old fashioned style of bathing suits that will not look good on you when they are worn in the beach or pool, but you are wrong because the epitome of class and beauty is created by the bathing suit styles from the 1940s and ‘50s. Moreover, the sex appeal can also be combined well with an all-American wholesomeness by the bathing suit styles from 1940s and ‘50s. The vintage or retro bathing suits will really be good when these are worn for your summer days.

Your stunning pin-up girl look can be created by your vintage bathing suits as seen from a line of beautiful swimsuits created by Esther Williams bathing suits, legendary movie star and swimming icon, after she retired from films, and she created all of her designs in the exact same style that were created by the MGM fashion designers for her movies. Not only pretty look that can be created when these bathing suits are worn by you, but these bathing suits are also functional and the comfort will really also be able to be felt. Her creations can be found by you for sale at her official website that can be browsed by you.

These Esther Williams bathing suits can easily be found by you at its blog that people have already known as esther-williams. com or at the other trendy, retro online boutiques like RetroDress and Modcloth, but do not ask for the prices because it can be ensured that the prices are more expensive than the other bathing suits you can find at other places. However, this is the great quality of the bathing suits so it is really normal when you must pay costly for these bathing suits but the quality you can get is also great. Cherry, Hawaiian, white, black and red are included in the ideal colors for a retro look prints that can be selected by you based on your preference.

These bathing suits can also be matched with the wedges when you are in the poolside. Also, a real pin-up edge can also be added by you when the ones are worn with ankle straps because the strappy wedge sandals are often worn by Betty Grable and Esther Williams when they are in the middle of photo shoot on bathing suits and even the wedges are not that difficult to be found at the department stores. Esther Williams bathing suits can always be relied on by you because what you need for your beach performance can be met here.

For makeup and hair, it may not need to be thought much when you really want to sunbath or swim, but if you just want to have a fun time in walking on the poolside or resort, a little lipstick can be worn by you and some pretty flowers can also be arranged in your hair. Whenever you go to the beach or pool, do not forget that beach towel, cosmetics, suntan lotion, and extras should be carried. These will definitely be needed by you.

Being fashionable and glamorous at the beach does not always mean that you should wear the modern or sexy ones because the vintage ones are also good >Esther Williams bathing suits and make your appearance different. Have fun then!

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