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Make a Fan Page of YOU

Facebook. With everyone who has an account with this social networking site, this is not just used to update our friends with what’s up with our lives but also to interact with celebrities through their fan pages. These official pages, are used to promote the “STAR” itself, a marketing tool where he/she can see feedback from fans either good or bad and from there improve their performance. For us “normal” people, we can also utilize this option to promote ourselves to the world.

Most of us have creative profitable ideas that we want to start on but no idea on where one can sell and how one can market the product. First timers may think they would need to have a physical store to sell it and also millions to promote it on television and newspapers or magazines but with this option in Facebook, we can actually do it for free. All we need is click, click, post and post, invite people to like your page, and voila before you know it they be buying your products and services.

But the key here is to have a USP or a unique selling proposition. What do you have that others don’t have? Is your product better but more affordable? Is it worth it to buy? These are just a few questions you need to answer for your prospective customers to attract them and convince them that they want to buy it from you. Make them want it yet one should remember not to spam. At first it is good to get noticed but in due time it would cause people to unlike your page.

To drive sales, you can also give out coupons, discounts; also hold contests to help entice more customers, and also freebies. But one should take note that the products you provide must be sensibly priced and should deliver what you had primarily advertise so people would continue patronizing your products. Be truthful, accurate, and specific and don’t forget artistic. Don’t be afraid to show your artistic side to help promote your product/service. It’s YOUR page.

And with that be ready with feedback you will receive. People will ask questions and give critiques. This will be a good opportunity to interact with them and get ideas on what you can add and improve on. Don’t lose hope when you have made some people unsatisfied with your product. Make a way to turn things around to retain the customer and if unsuccessful treat it as a lesson and work on the problem. Good and bad critiques are helpful. You can use them to think of more varied options you can provide and minimize customer complaints. Even if you think you have given all that you can, there is always a room for improvement.

Go ahead, make a fan page. Tap into your inner business man and inner artist. Make fans then make those fans count. Remember: More Fans, More Profit.

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