Fake Nail Designs

Being fashionable is what some girls or women desire and with fake nail designs, they can change their appearance more stylish and they even feel more confident especially if the fake nail designs can be matched well with the outfits worn by them and the colorful ones may be more fascinating. You know, when the designs on fake nails are created by yourself, it can be more desirable but just in case you have skill and ability for doing this. If you do not know what to do with it but you still want to try, some tips related to the designate the fake nails can be seen below.

Before starting, everything needed must be prepared and that there is nothing left out should also be made sure first, like Rhinestone nail appliquГ©s, toothpick which is optional, air-brush kit, clear top coat, Acrylic paint, different-sized nail brushes and nail polish. Now, start with your creativity and some nail art designs can be sought out and the designs can be practiced to be painted by hand. Next, a nail brush the size of the standard brush which is normally equipped with the handle can be picked on a bother of store-bought nail polish.

It can then be used so your base color can be painted from the nail polish but if two or three base colors are needed, the brush can be cleaned and other brushes of the same size can be used so additional colors can be added. The base colors can then be left to dry before acrylic paint for fake nail designs can be used and a fine, thin brush or a toothpick can be used so geometric shapes in the form of lines, swirls, semi-circles, dots or flowers can be created. The stood out colors can be picked and the designs can be left to dry before the coat can be topped with clear polish.

Do not forget that a pattern, picture or design can be picked from the stencil in your air brush kit and the need to invent and create an identical look on ten different nails can be alleviated. Now, the stencil can be set aside once your look is chosen and a base coat of nail polish can be applied to your nails and left to dry. The manufacturer recommendations that your air brush machine can be used must be followed and the acrylic paint must also be added with the color wanted your design in.

The color must contrast with the base coat to be distinguishable and the stencil can be held steady about Вј inch away from the nail and the air brush button can be pressed so the acrylic paint can be sprayed through the stencil pattern before left to dry and covered with a top coat. The nail rhinestones can be applied, then. But, the coat should not need to be waited for dry completely.

The fake nail designs can then be accentuated and glitz and glamour can be added to nail art for this before the tiny appliquГ©s can be balanced on the tip of your nail or a toothpick. They can be placed strategically along the borders of your design before another top coat can be applied. Leave to dry in place and good luck for the trial !

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