Famous American Women in History

Many people in America can say that women are really treated unfairly in the past and the discrimination is always faced by them during the depression especially for jobs like civil service and teaching and women are often regarded as the weakest creatures and it is different from nowadays’ women who are strong enough to be a single parent. Today, we are going to go back to the past and know all about the famous American women in history who are really strong and contribute many significant things to the America and the world. They are different from the other women at that time because they are not afraid of being themselves and expressing their interest even though they should be depressed enough.

The famous American women in history does not always mean that they are great and did something good and better or even contribute the precious artworks but some of them are known because of their scandals and Julie Bulette is known as a popular Virginia City, Nevada prostitute in the 1860s and someone murdered her on January 20, 1867 and people found her already died. Different from the Julie Bulette, there is also Louisa May Alcott who is known as a servant, seamstress, teacher and Civil War nurse but people can say that she is popular because she becomes an author at that time. While there is also a female pioneer physician that people know as Susan “Doc Susie” Anderson in Colorado.

The discrimination faced by women in the past is not only about the gender but the case between blacks and whites also become something big at that time and black women also experience the hard years but Ida B. Wells Barnett is one of the black women who is successful with her job as a journalist and militant civil rights leader. Did you already know that the NAACP is co-found by a black woman namely Ida B. Wells Barnett? She is also included in the famous American women in history because she is also become the Negro Fellowship League’s first president.

The other one of the famous American women in history is Carrie Chapman Catt that the women’s suffrage movement is led by her and she is even become the Editor of the National Suffrage Bulletin before and the voting rights for women in America’s West is achieved by her as well. The National American Woman Suffrage Association is led by her at that time and people know her as the president of the organization. She is one of the great women at the time that may inspire many modern women.

An energetic heroine can also be found at the time in the Mary Bickerdyke because the sole aim is owned by her during the Civil War and the wounded Union soldiers are even taken care of by her efficiently. The other next one is Clara Barton, that the American Red Cross is found by her and even the people at the time call her as the Angle of the Battlefield for her first aid heroism in Civil War. You must have heard them both.

From so many famous American women in history , why we cannot be one of them in this modern era? Some of them may be inspiring and we can learn from them actually. And you are one of the great women in the present time.

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