Fashion as a social identification In The World

The human being is the nature and distinction in the contradictions that arise based on their physiological and social needs. He is an individualist be born selfish seeing just for the sake and then consider what else, but is a being dependent on the need for life in society and the aberration that the same feeling of loneliness and lack of relationship with other individuals. From the moment we are born, we humans physiologically and emotionally dependent society around us, but our participation in social groups is reduced to the family. As we grow, relationship factors are becoming ever wider, thus increasing the number of individuals with whom we have direct and reciprocal influence. The basis for this need is, first, of life, since we being so small we can not survive alone, but there is one aspect that makes this need remains throughout life, even when you are no longer using the survival of the individual: social identity.

If the person is a social identity, it means that for certain aspects form part of the groups that surround it, as well as its environment and common interests to be found in it. There are strict characteristics that identify them as members of society and is directly influenced by social conflicts that arise throughout their existence as long as part of the same culture and society. Being isolated, just we do not form a shared awareness and a culture, as we have our own issues to resume where building it. One of the most important aspects of social, economic and human needs level as part of the person is fashion.

Fashion, in its strictest sense, refers to the phenomenon of the influence of pre tastes toward people of a social group, depending on the range for whom the information is available and acquire the ability to bring about change. It is by definition a social phenomenon, since it exists only if there are societies and these reactions to a product. In its economic term basis, it is the origin of consumerism around the world. It is in a very ambiguous way, particularly in the media are based for the public taste and acts vice versa. While the media are those who bombard us with these standards we must follow and we pose it as an essential benefit for life, people will accept it as such and that’s when fashion is created. This phenomenon does not exist if not widespread. Despite the supposed individuality looking person within the groups to which they belong, thanks to her same fashion exists in any of the industries that need aspects that identify with the other members of his entourage, or meet completely excluded from the culture and thinking of the group. Although fashion is positioned as a tendency to beauty in most cases, it is not necessarily a prerequisite for its existence. The search for beauty is also seeking the generalized form of the ideals of each person both physically and emotionally people. Seeing these concepts, two aspects go hand in hand when being part of social change that is given by a certain time in the life cycle of individuals. Both fall in the subjective accepted general consensus, which means that is considered within the objective aspects in the social field.

Fashion is primarily a social and economic phenomenon. After the influence on the decisions of individuals and how they can be considered a limitation to our freedom, or address it as a means of power of large corporations toward us and our choices, it is a big factor in the economy world, since it is the number one industry in the market talking about fashion textile and fashion in the physical appearance of people. According to Karl Marx, in any production process productive forces, or motives that are at the core of its realization are involved. For fashion, the productive forces are basic human needs, referring to the dress and vanity and dependence to be considered belonging to the social group, that only part of the recipient; if we take into account those who profit from this industry, the main force is monetary. Considering it as a business and as a key factor in the cycles of the economy, we must also consider the relations of production that occur in this process. Something that can be recognized without deepening the theme are the roles of producer and consumer, with large textile producers and Homes Design corporations that create these prototypes of beauty for sale to a consumer society it is generally that enables phenomenon of trade and consumerism in the exaggerated way that exists today. However, considering the motivators to product creation roles can be interchangeable, since it is the demand that drives designers to create garments or means to the spread of bodies and perfect faces. If there is no demand, the product does not sell, assuming considered failure in the economic system, fashion is the only industry that has not undergone such a radical change as we live our daily lives in it. In job roles, Mexican women play a vital role in this system. Since the United States, Canada and Europe centers of fashion and haute couture in the world, Mexico is one of the first places in the participation in the textile industry and manufacturing factories handling about this product. Labels are great designers in the language where the garment is sold, but there’s a big overlap between several of them: the name of Mexico. Labor about fashion is big in our country, women being the most involved in this process of making the product, then take it to another country and sell five times more expensive than it was said that it would , thus making the salaries of the people involved pathetic and insignificant compared to the final profit, but in all industries that rely today. The problem of capitalism and back in history to medieval times where there was a bourgeois and a working class that was part of all the systems, being the greatest economic power who got all the profit.

Considering it as work, fashion becomes very important in the development of the individual. If it does so well with all consumers of the product, especially with those involved in its preparation and its bases, as is the case of Mexican individuals involved in this process. It is an important part of daily training we have of our identity, since more than half of our time invested in this system and is also a means of socialization for everyone, since it is one of the major social groups and Based on the social system of each culture. Define the classes that are involved in this process is somewhat ambiguous, since the results are based on the perspective from which you look. From the point of view of the economic market, classes presented are product vendors and consumers who make this a vital part of your daily life. These classes are very important, since according to this perspective is that there is or not the subject matter. If seen from the labor standpoint, the classes presented are also two: corporate they have in their hands the way companies and workers involved, which are equally important part of the system but are not even taken into account the end result of the whole process. Ideally, they are all workers, even those who are in charge of organizing everything, but in reality this phenomenon occurs very differently, not only in the fashion industry but in all societies existing in the world. The distribution of credits according to their work and contribution is much less fair and equitable, but it is a necessity that individuals who are influenced by the system, and thus becomes what they can settle without the right to request anything beyond that, not because I do not want it but because they simply do not know. They are not involved in the whole process, with partial knowledge they have about what is being done and the purpose of their participation in this phenomenon. Taking fashion as for the socialization aspect or influencing it, classes are all different but at the same time can be generalized to coworkers. Interests are related and the need is the same, since generally share an economic situation and social status like, identification is achieved with this process itself when they fall on a common reality people with ways of thinking and similar search for themselves and their families. Similarly, buyers and consumers of the product of fashion, is already talking about textile goods, haute couture, fashion designs or just physical beauty such as plastic surgery, facial creams, beauty products, etc; They are an important part of the system of socialization that carries with it the phenomenon. The phenomenon gives all elements the individual to create a particular identity, depending on your taste and your plans regarding fashion will be the quantity, quality and quality of what you consume, and also is influenced by personal interest or influenced by external media. It is an indirect means of socialization, since the relationships established through the consumption of fashion are not in word or common social conscience, but simply give share an election, and therefore, training with a special identity and versus social environment in which it is each of the persons. Taking into account the type of consumer and the type of product you choose, be closed to create common types between social actors who are in the same socioeconomic class, since depending on the possibilities of each is the type of order that and searching can be achieved.

Goffman speaks of the existence of an actor, as a stage and social masks. These are elements that help the understanding of sociology, as well as the development of the person in the real world. To analyze this phenomenon involves actors that must be taken because they depend on these prospects to know what can influence both. In this case, will be the work and daily life prospects. In the labor perspective, we find the two typical roles of industries, the employer and the worker. The role of social actors represent the pattern such as designers, fashion houses, investors, advertisers, marketing and the media as major tastemakers. The idea was born of people, but the spread of these media and this is the most important in the communication process element. In the perspective of everyday life, it looks like creator of the product and the buyer, depending on the system of economic consumerism. These roles represent social actors such as large enterprises, the textile industry, marketing and as consumers, women and men are influenced by certain aspects of the different modes present in real time, because it is not just one, but There is variety of choice, making it seem like it has to do with the whole aspect of human freedom. The masks that are used are in this case as the purpose of consumption and application of fashion in everyday life, ie, a mask is when a young man goes to buy a dress to look good at a party at your school to get along with their peers. They are the excuses used by the individual to be part of this system, as if it was not important to him when in fact it is the foundation of your life. The masks can be found in this phenomenon are very ambiguous, but according to the particular end is how you can use each of them. Social settings refer to the whole role, the mask and the environment in which each individual develops. The above are showing the individual to society, which is the same need to please people and belonging to certain exclusive circles show while sharing a home with people they like. Subsequent stages, which are those that remain hidden against other people are in this case the need for acceptance by lack of confidence, also a small degree of lack of identity by having to take into account the views of others and feel part of something that they have and their thinking is not enough by itself.

The causes arising initially as reasons for this to be considered a social conflict are given education since we were small, the ideal of beauty has been taken according to times and places, consumerism that has now every individual and that is something that is done by whim rather than necessity, machismo and feminism and how we have changed the roles of men and women throughout history, and capitalism as an economic and labor system socioeconomic classes of participants in the phenomenon. 5 are included the development of society as such and progress will have the identity of each person and groups according to the time. The roles of women and men come in time to be equal in employment systems and forms of personal care, progress is slow but steady. Capitalism is based on the world economy, not only in that of Mexico as a country, and while the system does not change root being equal this will be a problem that we have for a long time in our country. The culture of beauty changes under the influence of the media and education also moves according to this aspect.

Fashion is something in which we live our daily lives and is part of us inevitably, the main point is to learn to drive as another social aspect and coexist with, not exist in terms of why there if we face a total loss of identity to which freedom is lost and we are subjected to a hidden power in an industry based on beauty that does not really exist.

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