Fashion Ideas 2012

The year 2012 definitely has numerous names of fashion houses and professional designers that are pretty popular in creating the fashion ideas 2012. The main concept of this year’s fashion trend is to emphasize bravery, boldness and brightness, through colors and also clothing designs.

The first element of fashion ideas 2012 is color blocking features. This feature can be seen as the color trend of clothing and also accessories as well. For example, the most dominant color schemes of color blocking are rich jewelry tones such as eggplant, sapphire blue and also emerald. There are so many ways to use color blocking. You can use this color blocking idea for your dress details, or accessories such as stole or scarf.

For clothing details, such as tunic or blouse, it will be better for you to combine the color blocking color scheme with natural color shades. You can combine the eggplant color blocking with natural caramel color. You can also use beige color with sapphire blue as a combination of your blouse and tunic. This color blocking idea is also perfect to camouflage unwanted body shapes such as thunder thigh, wide hip and also flabby arm.

Another trend of fashion ideas 2012that has been dominating the fashion trend, especially for spring season, is tribal print. Slightly different from the previous trend that was dominated by muted and soft colors, this year’s tribal color trend is more dominated by bold and bright tribal print. This fashion idea has been very popular and used by a lot of international brands such as BCBG and Donna Karan. Start from maxi dresses to simple T-shirts, tribal print has been the main design we will easily find these days.

Not only clothing, tribal print is also very popular in decorating various accessories such as belt, scarf or hand bag. This will be a perfect choice in case you are not confident to use bold and bright tribal printed clothing. You can choose a tribal print idea of animal print type for an alternative.

Aside from the color blocking and tribal print characteristic, the fashion ideas in this 2012 will also be dominated by pleats and ruffles that will decorate the details of blouse and dress. This type of design will enhance the romantic and calm characteristics of your clothing so it will be perfect for dating or hanging out with friends. In addition, you can also wear charm bracelets or chain with long pendant to complement the overall look.

The color scheme of fashion ideas 2012 will basically be dominated by orange colors with combination of metallic colors. The orange color is hoped to give braver spirit for the wearers since dark color can be pretty dull these days. There are a wide selection of orange hues, such as blood orange, chiffon and tangerine, you can surely choose. Meanwhile, aside from orange color, metallic color is also very dominating in this year’s fashion ideas. This type of color scheme will be best in combination of natural or earthy toned colors.

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