Fashion Styles for Teenage Girls

Being a teenage girl is the most enjoyable time, because you are already to using makeup and all of accessories. This times you to consideration about fashion to look stylish and fashionable.

How about fashion for teenage girls? If we talk about fashion, we should consider about a few things. Actually, for teenage girls, they no need lots of adding accessories or makeup to look stylish. To look stylish and fashionable as like teen generally, they are only need a few things such as makeup, hairdressing, clothes and accessories. With all of these things they will look stylish perfectly.


For makeup, teenage girls just need the minimum makeup. Apply the natural makeup is enough. Actually, apply makeup is not necessity for teenage, but for fresh and amazing look you can apply to minimum makeup. Use blush on, mascara, lips and eyeliner.

For blush on, choose the peach or pink color tone. This is the best choice. Blend between peach and pink color give the perfect look. Give the accentuating on your cheek to look gorgeous.

For mascara

, the best choice for mascara is waterproof mascara to make your eyelash thick from previously. This is the most often choice for mascara.

For lips

, you can apply lip gloss or lip balm. Both of them have an each benefit for your lips.

For eyeliner

, apply eyeliner to amazing look. There are 2 type of eyeliner, liquid or pencil liner. For easy to use you can choose pencil liner.


Experiment your idea to make hair more attractive from previously. Make the different look you come up with crimp or straighten is the popular hairstyle for teenage girls. You can complement with accessories as like ribbon for your hair.


What is the latest and popular fashion for teenage girls? The vintage style is the latest fashion for teen. You can leather jacket and a whimsical purse to look stylish perfectly. You can wear the leather jacket with your trendy school clothes. A vintage item is the most popular choice for teen. For casual style, a skinny jean is the popular costume.


The accessories you can wear are belt, hats, ribbon and bracelet. Do not use the over accessorizing. You can these accessories when you go to school, except hats. Use hats when you go to somewhere not school. Choose the vintage hats to look stylish totally. The 40’s hats are the best hats choice for fashion to rock on your own teenage style.

For belt, ribbon and bracelet, you can use these accessories when you go to school. Ribbon makes your fabulous hair totally. But you should beware to do not use over accessorizing.

From all of a few guides for make your look stylish and fashionable that is appropriate with your ages. We are allowed you to follow these guides above for you. You can try to exercise to change your style and become trendsetter. So what are you waiting for?

Fashion Styles for Teenage Girls Picture Gallery

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