Fashions From The Past

Looking back at your high school yearbook picture or prom picture, there are possibly a couple of things you would like to change. Most of the changes are in all likelihood cosmetic, the fads and trends of the year that were so popular and cool at the time, haven’t aged as well as you had hoped. That is the trouble with trends and fads.

They change quickly and without warning and are sometimes so out of the ordinary or so entrenched in the popular culture that you can not get away from them and years later they are just embarrassing. an excellent example is the bell bottom pants of the 1970s. There was no reason for the look to take over the decade and become synonymous with excess and ridiculous fashion. You can not see a picture or television show from the decade or even think about the decade without getting an image of a floppy pair of bell bottoms springing into your head.

What started as a outlying style, around the edges of the mainstream, rapidly took over popular fashion and for better or worse, you have a picture of them etched into your mind. The point is that it only takes a couple of people to begin a fashion trend, although it can quickly become a cultural phenomenon that takes over and becomes the poster look for an entire decade.

Even though a lot of people looked bizarre, the 1970s dooes not hold the only examples for silly fashion statements, each generation has their own embarrassing trends, it can be enjoyable to go back and look at them. And even though they might be embarrassing, you cant think of any particular time period that is important to you that does not bring thoughts and recall memories of certain styles or fashions.

All you have to do is go back and check out pictures from junior and senior high school. Even if you werent a trend setter, there are certain to be things that only would have worked during that time period. Whether it was a specific hair style or a pair of shoes, who grew up in the mid and late eighties and didnt own a pair of Reebok high tops? The styles and trends might change and the silly looks may come and go, but the memories last forever and no matter how silly you look to yourself now, you felt like you were the epitome of cool when you walked into school with that new Coca-Cola t-shirt on.

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