Flower Girl Hairstyles for Long Hair

Being a flower girl means that she will be one of the main focuses of attention at the beginning of the wedding ceremony because her role is to walk down the aisle and her petals will need to be scattered before the bride makes her entrance and therefore, to look beautiful, there are some hairstyle ideas that you can take a look. A flower girl needs to look as pretty as possible and the hairstyle worn by her must be able to complement her dress and of course, being an age-appropriate is also necessary here. Do you look for some best and recommended flower girl hairstyles for long hair?

To be a pretty flower girl, side-swept curls can also be considered since this is also one of the favorite flower girl hairstyles for long hair and side-sweeping curly styles will always be suitable for both younger and older children so it will be perfect. The flower girl’s hair just need to be curled by using the rollers of your choice and once the hair is curled throughout, the hair can be swept over to one shoulder and pinned behind the ear. A tiara or flowers can be added as the perfect accessories and to make the girl prettier.

Do not forget that looped bun is also one of the most recommended flower girl hairstyles for long hair because this is simple but perfect for your little girl’s look with a simple looped bun consists of four loops that have been pinned to the head. You can achieve the hairstyle if the hair is placed in a ponytail and separated into four equal sections and then, each section of hair can be wrapped around your finger and pinned to form a loop. To make four –piece looped bun, the steps must be repeated and for the finishing, you can place small flowers or diamante between the loops.

The most common but beautiful flower girl hairstyles for long hair are beautiful braids and the flower girl’s hair can simply be braided into one or two braids and for a new twist on classic braids, the hair can be French-plaited until the nape of neck is reached. Twisting the remaining hair into a messy bun can be done for the next step, and it should be pinned into position. A flexible-hold hair spray can be used so the hairstyle can be kept in place and the rigid hair can be prevented.

The next one of the hairstyles for flower girls is loose waves and the hairstyle can simply be achieved in long hair just by using rollers rather than heated appliances so the flower girl’s delicate hair can be protected from damage. Take one-inch sections of hair, they can then be wrapped around with rollers and pinned to the scalp with roller clips or bobby pins. However, your rollers must be chosen accordingly before taking a small section from either side of the face and this can then be pinned back with bobby pins.

These flower girl hairstyles for long hair are simple and common enough to be tried, right? The hairstyles are also not time consuming to create. Now, your little girls can look as pretty as the bride.

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