Fun Hair Color

Playing with hair color is a fun action. You can play the hair color with your creative idea. There are available many hair colors for a lot of fun.

Here are a few guides how to choose the best hair color

How to choose the best color for hair?

-What your skin tone?

Before you change a hair color you have to know about your skin tone. Because it is determine for good or not your hair color. An easy ways to knowing about that is wearing a white shirt and stand up in front of mirror. Make sure you are standing in great position. It is mean you are standing in natural bright or light incandescent light and enough lighting. Are you having a cool or warm skin tone? There are different hair colors that you used for both of them.

-Determine your eye color

Eye color divided into 2 types such as cool tone and warm tone. For cool tone color with blue or grey eye color is suitable for light gold and ash hair color. For warm tone color with green, brown, and hazel eyes color is suitable for gold, auburn and red hair color.

-Determine the right hair color for you

This is the important thing to consider. There are many colors you can choose for hair color, but before you want to coloring hair you should determine a few things such as

If you having a dark or olive skin tone, black hair color is suitable with you. You will look interesting and fabulous with this color. Are you unsure with this color? No doubt because it can make you look glow and light against your skin. Black is the excellent choice for dark skin tone.

If you having a pink skin tone, red hair color is a great color for it. You will look Amazing and excellent hair with red color hair. Show off the pink skin with this color. Pink skin include in cool tone type.

Brown hair color is suitable for pretty much any skin tone color. Brown hair is an excellent choice for hair color. These colors will make you interesting and fabulous with excellent beauty sense.

Blonde is one of the most popular hair color most often choice. These colors are suitable for any skin tone color. It will look your face a glowing appearance that bounces off of your hair.

  1. Blue and purple hair color

This is the amazing hair color. You can apply this color for make colorful hair color.

  1. Green, blue and purple hair color

Use triple this colors for makes you amazing and interesting hair. This is a good color combination. Playing with this color for a lot of fun hair color.

  1. Purple and pink hair color

Purple and pink is a very cool hair color. You will look adorable with combination of this color.

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