Green Fashion From Elwood Clothing

Green Fashion From Elwood Clothing

Green fashion lovers should shop in Elwood Clothing if they want to get beautiful and sustainable clothing. This brand should be included to your consideration list when you are shopping for green clothing. One of the main reasons why people love this brand is because the brand makes clothing from organic materials such as organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo. If you think that organic clothing is not comfortable, you are wrong. The brand has been making comfortable clothing which is made of organic and eco-friendly materials.

Elwood Clothing offers clothing made of bamboo fabric. Is it the first time you hear that? You might be more surprised to know that bamboo clothing is very comfortable and flattering. One of the options for bamboo clothing is Whitney dress. The dress is cute and comfortable. You can wear the dress as little evening dress to get classic touch or combine it with jeans and use it as top. Other bamboo clothes are very beautiful and luxurious. Some people have misconception that organic clothing is ugly and not stylish. It is not true because all clothing from Elwood is beautiful.

You might consider getting organic cotton Pamela Pants. These pants are designed to be pretty and feminine but it is tough so it can last for long time. Elwood Clothing provides guarantee for the customers if any of the products fall apart, those will be repaired or replaced for free. If you want to get more information on the product, it is recommended for you to check the official website of the company. Check out the products online. The company provides products for men and women.

Most clothes which are offered by Elwood Clothing are cool and casual. By using the clothing from the brand, you can enjoy green fashion with affordable price. You can say goodbye to scratchy and unflattering green clothing. These clothes are definitely comfortable and sexy. If you are serious green fashion follower, you might be pleased to know the company credentials. Sustainable fashion is more than the clothing. You should take consideration on the company doing their bit for their environment.

For your information, Elwood Clothing is involved in 1% For the Planet. It is also using innovative ways to recycle old Elwood products. They held an event to collect old jeans which will be donated to organizations that use them to create insulation for green homes. This event is held to celebrate the Earth Day. The one who donated an old pair of jeans will receive a new pair from Elwood.

Elwood Clothing has past environmental and ethical schemes including making donation on profits to Global Green and other social projects and charities. There are future plans including working with 1% for the Planet and support the work of Rational Animal. It is an organization which helps homeless and working animals and wildfire in NYC. Shopping with Elwood Clothing can be the right option if you are supporter of green fashion. The company offers green fashion which you can choose according to your style. You do not need to worry since the options are wide. You are able to find the most comfortable and stylish one.

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