Hair Dye Colors for Black Hair

Some people born with black hair are not that brave when it comes to hair coloring because they are afraid of looking imperfect with the new hair color they wear, but no need to care about what other people say to you, their judgment will be nothing if you yourself is fine and excited with the hair color you choose. You see that there are many celebrities who have black hair like Asians or African-Americans have their hair colored, so you can just look at them as the best inspirations. No need to start with the light color because you can start with the dark but beautiful hair dye colors for black hair.

The first one of the hair dye colors for black hair that should be considered by you is dark ash brown and for the sample of the hair color, you can just see Katie Holmes. This is really a good start for you who are not that brave to use light colors because dark ash brown will not much different from your black hair but when you are outside, this color will look shine when your hair is attacked by sunlight. It will look sexier when your hair is straight, long hair and it will make you more elegant.

The next one of the hair dye colors for black hair that is not really blunt is medium ash brown as you can see from Mila Kunis pictures and you should not need to color your whole hair because the hair highlighting can also be done with this hair color. If you have black hair, the medium ash brown can be a perfect highlight especially if these highlights are diffused on the ends and are hitting the points of her layers which is nice because the shape of the haircut will be shown off. This hair color is highly suggested for you having mid-length hair cut.

It is never a big deal if you want to try a lighter color like golden brown to be applied on your hair because this sunny, golden brown hair color is one of the best hair dye colors for black hair just like you can see from Natalie Portman pictures. No need to color your whole hair if you do not want to because your hair can also be highlighted with this color like the medium ash brown mentioned previously. This color is highly recommended to people having pale to olive skin tones.

Caramel brown can also be taken into your consideration because it is also a perfect color for black hair. It is also alright if you just want to highlight your hair with this color because this will be able to be emphasized when your original hair is black. The highlights can be added around the face out to the ends and it must be perfect on you. Even if you have not tried lighter color yet, you can start with this color.

It is also nice to have burgundy hair color, even blonde or platinum blonde can also be got by you. Your black hair can also be changed into orange or auburn hair colors. You know, Korean people are born with original hair color, but now they dye their hair colorful and they can look more awesome, so never worry about getting dyed with extreme light hair dye colors for black hair .

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