Halloween Costumes Ideas For Your Tween

When your daughter is growing older, choosing clothes or accessories will be much harder. They will not want to wear the same costume as last year costume. They do not want to wear cute little kitties or fluffy bunnies anymore. However, when Halloween is coming and they need to get new costume, you might need to spend more money since costume for older girl is more expensive. You do not need to worry since you can always find affordable yet outstanding idea for your tween’s Halloween costumes. These fashion designer costumes will be loved by your girls but still help you to save budget.

tween homemade halloween costumes

When you are looking for the best fashion designer costumes ideas for your tween, you should consider fashion designer theme. It is highly suitable for girls who have eye for fashion. In creating this design, you need a lot of creativity. You can work with your daughter to create the design. You will need some items such as measuring tape, pencil to be put behind the ear, jazzy outfit, and clipboard. These items can create fun and interesting idea for your tween’s Halloween costumes. You might already have these items at your home. You just need to purchase traditional trick or treat bag which can be brought by your daughter. Find stylish tote back at local thrift store.

kids halloween costumes ideas

Another option for fashion designer costumes idea for your tween is pop star. During this period, the tendency for your girls to get into music is high. You can take advantage of this. Find the costume which matches well with music genre liked by your girls. You might want to use the combination between mismatched articles of clothing, sunglasses, and feathered boa. The combination will create fun look for Halloween. To accompany this look, you are recommended to get blank canvas bag with some iron on embellishments in the craft store. You can decorate the bag according to your tween’s interest.

homemade halloween costumes ideas

If your tween especially loves sport, you should transform her into sport queen. To complete this fashion designed costumes idea, you just need sports uniform like soccer gear, basketball outfit, and other uniforms. Add tiara to complete the look. Uniform is not too expensive and you only need to spend more money to purchase the tiara. Get a backpack to support the sporty look.

In finding fashion designer costumes idea, you should consider using fashion disaster theme. With this theme, you and your daughter can have fun time to create the idea. Find funky hairstyle and get your tweens dress with contrasting pieces of clothing. These are including plaids with polka dots. You can shop for a bag for trick or treat sack at local thrift shops.

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You might also cons >fashion designer costumes which you can choose. Just ensure it is comfortable for your tween.

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