Handmade Clutches Trend in 2012

Are you are not familiar with this item? Yeah, clutches is a hand bags but have smaller form than hand bags in generally. They are typically used when goes to party and other different occasion. This item is appropriate to add style to your wardrobe. In used the clutches you will fit with the costume that you wear.

You can sew clutches selves or buy through local or online store. For better, we recommended you to sew and make clutches for best clutches, because you will know the best material and the design that becoming trend in this time.

In this time, handmade clutches becoming trend in the world of fashion. Many people already make the own clutches selves.

There is type of handmade clutches becoming trend in 2012 you should know. If you want to know about it, so check this out J

  1. 1.В В В В В ВFabric clutches

Fabric clutches is the trend design most used often by many people. We will explain how to make the fabric clutches. Here are:

-Cut the fabrics into a 13 by 13 ВЅ inches. Then iron the outer fabrics that you cut previously.

-Sewing the right side of Outer and lining fabrics about ВЅ inches seams along both longer 13 ВЅ inches edges. Turning parts of inner to facing out and press seams flat.

-Fold the corner down of fabrics. Sew a Вј inches and trim seam to 1/8 inches. Snip at the corner fabrics, facing out the outside to inside. Sew again for Вј inches seam along edges to finish seams. Turn the right side for final step.

-Adding the bead fabrics with glue to apply metal frame.

-We are done. Remove tape, snap closed, and tuck outside behind frame.

  1. 2.В В В В В ВNo-sew drawstring purse

This is the simple design you can own sewing. You can put a few items like lipsticks, tissues and vows.

How to make no-sew drawstring purse?

-Cut the fabric into 18 until 13 ВЅ inches rectangle. The fabrics you can used like Ultra suede (this is soft fabrics and smooth in skin)

-The next step is print the template and make holes with 1/8 inches and trim corner according the template that you print.

-Laying the fabrics then fold two corners in toward center.

-В After that cut 19 inches. When you begin to cut, start from corner. And the last step is make holes to crocket the string to handles.

From all of these handmade clutches you can choose and own sewing to use for important occasion and also becoming trend in 2012. All of handmade clutches above very appropriate for everyone. Before you want to begin to sewing the clutches, prepare the tools and materials before begin. Make sure you use the best materials for it.

This is the article about handmade clutches 2012. Use this article as your information when choosing the best clutches design in 2012. Wait for the next article of our. Thank you J

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