Hermes Bag

People in this world will already be familiar with the popularity of Hermes bag since years ago. Hermes has always been popular for its high quality standard charter and also sophisticated designs as well. There are various styles of Hermes bags you need to know.

The price tag of bags offered by Hermes is definitely not cheap so you really need to carefully consider the best style that can be perfect for your personality before actually buying it.

Here are several ideas of Hermes Handbags, purses, clutches and also cross body bags you can take for your references.

This type of Hermes bags is definitely one of the most popular Hermes bags you should have. Hermes has two brands of purses that are very famous in the history; they are Constance and Kelly. These two brands offered by Hermes really bring the most powerful success as one of the icon in high quality designers’ bags in the world. The famous Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis wore the Constance purses, meanwhile, their Kelly purses are actually inspired by the name of famous actress Grace Kelly. Constance purses are considered as small purses that designed with two shoulder straps, perfect for both formal and informal occasions. Meanwhile, Kelly purses are typically bigger with fashionable shoulder straps that will be perfect for your shopping time.

Aside from their famous Kelly and Constance purses, Hermes also offers various models of oversized handbags that will be perfect to complete your appearance. Two brands of Hermes oversized handbags that are very popular for years are Bolide and Birkin. There is British actress named Jane Birkin who adores Hermes bag a lot. She loves Kelly bags so much but she said that Kelly purses are too small and Hermes really needs to come up with another revolutionary design of handbags. Under her request, Hermes designed Birkin oversized handbags that was originally taken from her surname.

On the other hand, Bolide is an original handbag designed by Emile-Maurice Hermes himself. He wanted to design something decent and efficient for his wife that will not ease her to bring while she was driving. These two brands of oversized handbags offered by Hermes are definitely the best option you can take in case you need spacious Hermes bag to accomodate all your personal stuffs anywhere you go.

Clutch and Cross Body Bags

There are two more styles of Hermes bags that are also very popular in the history. The first is clutch bag and the second is cross body bag. A famous brand of Hermes’s clutch bag is their Jige clutch bag. This type of Hermes bag will definitely be a perfect choice to complete your look for attending formal evening party. On the other hand, cross body bags are perfect for more casual occasions. Hermes has two brands of cross body bags that have been highly demanded in the market, they are Jypsiere and Evelyne III. Evelyne III is categorized as a messenger bag that will give you more spacious feature. Meanwhile, Jypsiere is categorized as saddle bag that will be convenient for shopping time or hanging out events.

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