Highlights Dark Hair

Gifted natural dark hair is definitely something you need to be proud of. There are a lot of people out there who are dying to have beautiful natural dark hair in replacement of their pale and light hair color. The dark and shiny hair colors such as brown or black is a contrast to your skin so it will make your face looks more glowing and stunning, for sure.

However, leaving your beautiful dark hair untouched and untreated well is definitely a waste of gift you did. There are a lot of highlights dark hair that are ready to be used to give your dark hair a face lift and optimize the overall appearance you have. With highlight ideas for dark hair, you can make your dark hair more appealing and eye catching as well. Trust me, it will feel very nice to have people complimenting how beautiful your hair is.

Under this concern, today we are going to have a brief discussion about highlights dark hair that can be used to style up your hair. In this article, we will talk about several facts about highlights and also tips to decide the best highlight shade for your dark hair. Let’s get the discussion started guys!

The Rules: Dos and Don’ts

Before you decide to do the highlight to your dark hair, it will be better for you to know several rules so your highlighting project will be a success. First of all, you need to understand that the commonest highlight color shades will be the three shades taken from your hair color. This will be the subtle highlight shades you can have. On the other hand, if you want to have bolder look, you can try highlight color shades that are in total difference with your hair color. Brave, bold and unusual highlight colors such as blue, yellow, pink can also be a great idea to build stronger and braver character. On the other hand, if you are not a person who loves attention that much, then this type of highlights dark hair is definitely a big NO for your hair.

Highlight Shades for Dark Hair

There are various shades of highlight colors you can do to your dark hair. The first category will be the subtle highlight shades and the second category will be the drastic highlight shades. Subtle highlight shades are practically highlights that are not too distinct with your primary hair color. For example, if you have dark chocolate brown hair, then adding honey or caramel highlights will be a great idea. Caramel and honey highlights are considered as soft and calm shades you can get from the hair color level. In order to make the highlights look subtle, it is recommended for you to add two or three layers of highlights so it will not be too attracting.

On the other hand, if you want to look strongly attractive then you can do drastic highlights dark hair to yourself. Blonde, copper and red colors can be a great highlight choice in case you want to get dramatic result. You can also use various extra ordinary colors such as pink or yellow to get your dark hair extremely attractive.

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