Homemade Facial Masks for Teenagers

Facial mask is a cream for skin treatment. They are provide the nourishment your skin needs from the outside. Another benefit of facial mask gives o clean and smoothen your face totally. Why it can makes your face as well? The facial masks are containing minerals, fruits extracts and minerals.

Many benefit that you can get if you routine use the facial masks. For better, they are typically use every 2 weeks. For make your face as above, you can buy or making it yourself. It is no difficult to making the facial masks themselves.

In making their own facial mask you have to know about a few things. You have to consider about a few things before you making it. Many people try to make facial masks themselves. They are making it to get the natural ingredients, because nowadays many varieties facial that is made from chemical ingredients and it is not good for health.

In this case we will talk about how to make the facial mask for teenagers. Read more this article to get more information about it. See this article as your references when you begin. Here are a few step by step of making the facial masks.

For basic facial

    1. Honey mask

-Prepare honey, water, tablespoon and crocks

-Combine alcohol and water in 2 table spoons

-Add 100 gram of warm honey into blend of alcohol and water

-Apply on your face, wait for at least 20 minute

-Clean and flush with warm water

-Prepare milk, honey, egg white, flour, and lemon juice

-Beaten one egg white and add one half teaspoon of honey

-Blend with flour, lemon juice and fruit juice

-Apply on your face and wait for at least 20 minutes

-Clean and rinse with cool water

-Prepare cucumber, banana, honey and lemon juice

-Combine one mashed banana and half of cucumber. Blend both of them into blender

-Add one tablespoon of honey and half a cup lemon juice

-Apply on your face and wait for at least 30 minutes

-Rinse with cool or warm water

For skin lightening

  1. Papaya delight

-Prepare papaya, egg white, sour cream and lemon juice

-Combine one egg white and cup of mashed papaya. Mix together for best work

-Drop in two tablespoon of sour cream and lemon juice

-Before apply on your face, put on refrigerate for best work

-Apply on your face and rinse for at least an hour

-Prepare carrot, papaya and egg yolk

-Mix together 3 tablespoon of mashed papaya and an egg yolk

-Add 3 tablespoon of cooked and carrot

-Apply on your face for at least 30 minutes

-Rinse with cool water

-Prepare lemon peel, lime peel and lemon leaves

-Mix one tablespoons of lemon juice and 2 tablespoon of oats

-Add wheat germ

-Wait until cool and apply on your face

-Rinse for at least 30 minute

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