How to Applying the Blue Eye Makeup

Make up is necessity for everyone especially woman. Makeup used for every day, every time, and anytime in many occasion. Makeup is most important thing for woman. Woman used makeup to look fresh and beauty totally.

Makeup gives a good aspect if they apply as well. For make it well, they are usually give a point in some area such as cheeks, eyes, and nose.

For eye makeup give the good aspect, a woman usually more consider about eye makeup. Because it can make they eye more beautiful and fascinating. In applying this makeup should not be arbiter. If you applying the bad makeup, will make your eye not good as well actually.

If you want to applying blue eye makeup, but you do not how to applying as well, do not worry because we will explain about it. For blue eye you do not worry to apply the color that is appropriate with your blue eyes. For blue eye, there are many colors you can choose.

In this occasion, we will explain about applying blue eye makeup. Hopefully these tips can make your inspiration and references when you applying blue eye makeup.

Here are a few guides for blue eye makeup as well. Check this out J

-First step you have to do is drop the primer using the finger. Gently rub your around of eye. It can give a smooth area and also adding the eye shadow in around of eye.

-Choose the color that you prefer. Anything color is suitable for blue eye. Choose include 3 shade color. In choosing the palette color, choose a light color, medium shades, and a dark shade. Then gently rub with brush these color shades to around eyes. For rug the shades color use the soft brush for this step.

-Choose the dark shade for base of the eyelid. For brush the dark shade use the flat brush, and then apply the darkest color from inside to the outer corner of the eye.

-Choose the medium shades for give the outer corner of eye. Applying these colors for crease to define the eye.

-The last step is choosing the lightest color to center of the eye. From mix of these colors above make you blue eye look great and beautiful.

-Finish. So, use this tips to make it more beauty and good.

Applying the right makeup for your blue eye to look more beautiful and fascinating. There are many colors that you can choose for it. After using the makeup, do not forget to remove your makeup. Remove your makeup with tips we give in the article before. If you want to know how to remove the makeup, you can search related article about it.

This is article explain about how to applying the blue eye makeup. Use this tips as when you begin the blue eye makeup. Wait for the next tips of our. Thank you J

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